Tidal Murmur

Tidal Murmur Photo

Beth Nybeck, 2013, Stainless steel
Short Street Parking Garage
1110 East Walnut Street, Columbia, MO

Map It:
Map 1110 East Walnut Street, Columbia, MO

We hope that in the fury and commotion of our lives, the daily commute and the rigor of schedules, something will unexpectedly interrupt our rhythm to make sure we are still awake and alive.

By their very nature I find relationships to be both complicated and mysterious. When I think of relations all categories are included—from the human realm, to the natural, to the medical and to the cosmos. I am particularly intrigued by relationships that exist oxymoronically. The idea for Tidal Murmur spawned from the relationship between chaos and order; these ideas seem to simultaneously need each other and threaten each other’s very existence.

Chaos and organization perform a delicate dance in our personal lives and in our world at large. Chaos Theory is a theory in physics that refers to friction and balance. It is a sister to the Ripple Effect theory, which simply states that we are all connected. The way in which we live creates an energy that makes ripples within our lives and communities. Our ripples dance and collide with the ripples that are created around us.

This artwork is meant to embody the energy and movement that takes place in our environments—the visual and the invisible. The sculpture is also meant to create a movement and energy within the viewers, calling them to walk around, through and under the artwork. – Beth Nybeck

Percent for Art: Tidal Murmur from Office of Cultural Affairs on Vimeo.