Statue of Liberty Replica

Statue of Liberty Replica Photo

1950, copper
Located in the lobby of the Gentry City Building
1 S. Seventh Street, Columbia, MO

Map It:
Map 1 S. Seventh Street, Columbia, MO

If you have wondered what happened to the Statue of Liberty replica that stood for so long on Broadway, near Seventh Street, look no further than the lobby of the city’s Gentry Building, 1 S. Seventh Street.

Columbia Boy Scouts gave this small-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty to the city in 1950. The plaque notes that the statue was dedicated “as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty.” The local project was a component of the Scouts’ national 40th anniversary celebration, which had “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty” as its theme. More than 200 replicas were placed nationally as a result. In 2005, the statue was removed from its perch outside the Gentry Building, cleaned and repaired while the building was renovated. In 2007, it was installed in the Gentry lobby to make it publicly accessible while a final location is determined.