Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge Photo

Joseph Falsetti, 1970, bronze
Off the main parking lot
100 West Broadway, Columbia, MO

Map It:
Map 100 West Broadway, Columbia, MO

Falsetti intends his two-part sculpture to represent knowledge and enlightenment, two concepts essential to the library’s mission. Both sections of the sculpture are attached to the southwest facade of the Columbia Public Library and overlook the Gene Martin Secret Garden. Marking the entrance to the area are the “Gates to the Garden,” wrought-iron panels created by local blacksmith George Robb II in 2002.

The Shell Seeker

The Shell Seeker Photo

Sabra Tull Meyer*, 2007, bronze
Gene Martin Secret Garden
100 West Broadway, Columbia, MO

Map It:
Map 100 West Broadway, Columbia, MO

This life size bronze sculpture depicts a young boy holding a seashell and opening a book. It sits in the Gene Martin Secret Garden, just off of the children’s area of the library. The garden is named for a former library director of the library. The sculpture was commissioned by the Friends of the Library in memory of Martin, an avid shell collector. 

* local artist


Cypher Photo

Albert Paley, 2002, steel
Library's main entrances
100 West Broadway Columbia, MO

Map It:
Map 100 West Broadway Columbia, MO

These paired sculptures, each more than 30 feet tall and weighing more than 56,000 pounds combined, were installed in 2002 to mark the entrances of the new library. The artist intended his works to serve as guardians that “herald the entering and exiting of the library.” The title, Cypher, refers to the complexities of language so essential to the function of a library and its holdings.