Suncheon City Republic of Korea

Suncheon Emblem

Known as the City of Beautiful People, Suncheon is a flourishing agricultural and industrial city in South Korea. It’s beautiful scenery includes, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, and many cultural relics around the city and landscape.

During the Samhan Dynasty Suncheon City was known as the Territory of Mahan. On Jan 1, 1995, it was was reborn as “Suncheon City” after annexing Sungjukun. Suncheon became our sister city on October 18, 1991. View the sister city proclamationopens PDF file .

City of Columbia Natural Resources Supervisor Brett O’Brien writes a photo diary in the March edition of “City Trees”. The article focuses on his October 2011 visit to South Korea (pages 30-37)

Portrait of a Sister City: Suncheon, Korea:

Population: 271,164 (2006)

Land Area: 907.21 Square Kilometers

Persimmon Tree
City Tree: Persimmon
Royal Azalea
City Flower: Royal Azalea
City Bird: Pigeon