Hakusan City, Japan

Hakusan City, Japan Emplem.

Hakusan is the largest city in terms of land area located in the Ishikawa District of Japan. It was founded in February 2005, when the city of Matto merged with many smaller villages of Ishikawa. Hakusan mountain range runs through the south of the city, with an average height between 100-200 meters. The population is over 112,000. The climate averages as one of the highest rain and snowfalls in Japan. Hakusan became our sister city in February 2005.

Portrait of a Sister City: Hakusan, Japan:

Population: 110,654 (2008)

Land Area: 755.17 Square Kilometers (291.57 sq mi)

City Flower: Morning glory
City Bird: Japanese Bush-warbler
City Tree: Japanese Beech