Sister Cities

What are Columbia’s sister cities?

Columbia enjoys active Sister City relationships with five cities:

What are the guidelines for the Sister City program?

The City Council, in 1996, passed a policy resolution that established guidelines for Sister City relationships.

How does the Sister City program benefit the cities involved?

The Sister City program provides a means of fostering mutually beneficial relationships with cities in other countries through:

  • Creating opportunities for citizens in Columbia and the Sister City to learn and experience other cultures through long-term relationships.
  • Creating an atmosphere in which economic development and trade can be explored, implemented and strengthened.
  • Opening dialogue and addressing issues ranging from cultural to technical, from municipal to medical, from environmental to educational and beyond.
  • Stimulating environments through which partnerships can creatively learn, work and solve problems together.

Sister Cities Programs include cultural and educational exchanges. Columbia Public Schools, for example, participates in an ongoing exchange program at the junior high school level. Organized groups of junior high school students alternate summer visits between Columbia and Hakusan City, Japan. For example, one year Columbia students visit Hakusan City and the next year, Hakusan City students visit Columbia.

Where can I get more information on the Sister City program?

Visit the Sister Cities International website or contact the Office of Cultural Affairs for additional information.