Time in Transit

Time in Transit Photo

David Spear*, 2007, oil on canvas
Wabash Station interior
126 N. Tenth Street, Columbia, MO

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Spear’s four-painting series frames the clock just above the original ticket windows in the lobby of the Wabash Station and uses time as a theme, documenting the past and present uses of the station. Spear used live models for all of the figures, including Herbert Crum, a longtime employee of the bus service who is depicted as the conductor; fellow artist Don Asbee, who created the Wabash 808 sculpture just outside of the station; and family members. Spear painted himself as the ghostlike figure fading from the station lobby to emphasize how quickly the present becomes the past. The paintings, and Asbee’s exterior sculpture, were commissioned as part of the city’s Percent for Art program.

* local artist