Lumen Photo

Greg Orloff




found object assemblage sculpture

Columbia City Hall, interior, main floor lobby
701 E Broadway, Columbia, MO

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Commissioned by Ragtag Cinema, gifted to City of Columbia in 2013

Lumen is a robot sculpture made of found objects, which was commissioned by Ragtag Cinema, a non-profit organization that champions independent films in Columbia. With the end of 35mm film production in Hollywood comes the era of mandatory digital projection. It is a moment that prompted Ragtag Cinema to address whether it should convert its traditional film projectors to digital, or ultimately be forced to limit releases to films produced with older technology. To garner support for the new projectors, Lumen became the central icon in the cinema’s fundraising campaign, “Ragtag Needs Robots.” In just over a month, the theater successfully raised the funding required to convert to all-digital projectors.

Lumen’s purpose represents more than that of a mascot; it embodies the cumulative efforts of an entire community with differing backgrounds, experiences, educations, perspectives and lifestyles. Made up of the dirty, broken-down discards of obsolete, forgotten technologies, Lumen stands as a shining beacon of Columbia’s endeavors and successes—there is hope, no matter what the odds are, as long as you have community. – Greg Orloff