CommuniTea I & II

CommuniTea I & II Photo

Norleen Nosri




Earthenware and Porcelain Ceramics

Columbia City Hall interior, fourth floor, main elevator lobby and west hallway
701 E Broadway, Columbia, MO

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The ceramic works CommuniTea I & II are inspired by the diversity of Columbia. The serving, drinking vessels and bases represent many people coming together and sharing. The compositions symbolize giving and receiving, which in turn, portrays the main theme of the work, a communal sense of gratitude – gratitude for being a part of a whole, a community. The act of giving and receiving for the community brings diverse threads of people together. The element of duality exists throughout the compositions conveying unity through differences. This sharing is steeped in the human desire to protect and to be protected. Individuals offer something distinctive to belong to a group. This belonging in turn strengthens the whole as the united group fosters a supportive community. Issues of individual worth and hierarchy can be put aside in this moment of sharing. This giving of the individual and the collective is a natural aspect of social bonding, bound by a belief in the common good.

Nosri’s minimalist aesthetic reflects the idea of community and unification of its many parts. Her work strives to impart a sense of quietude, a state of intentional awareness, and a reflective pause to celebrate life, to understand how we can balance one another. To discover that in the process of seeking truth and learning it is the many individual qualities and differences that come together.

View the video about the creation of Nosri’s artwork below.

Percent for Art: CommuniTea from Office of Cultural Affairs on Vimeo.