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Missouri Riverbilly Band by Lisa Bartlett

2016 Commemorative Poster

About the Artist

Lisa Bartlett received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Columbia College in 1988. Bartlett went on to be the graphic designer for KOMU-TV an NBC affiliate television station for ten years. In 2001, she took the entrepreneurial route and opened an antique store called The Vintage Shop in downtown Columbia. In 2007, Bartlett became part-owner of Spare Parts Gallery. Currently, Bartlett is the artistic director for the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, and she owns a fine art & fine craft gallery called Artlandish Gallery. Bartlett also has a working studio and is on the board for the North Village Arts District.

Artist Statement

My artwork is directed toward manifesting communication within current cultures that includes all generations and all peoples. I would like to be provocative enough so that viewers will want to dig deeper into history and learn the stories for themselves. In other words, create a bit of mystery, just enough to start new thought processes. I don’t want to be complicated, I want some understanding from the outset.

About the Artwork – “Missouri Riverbilly Band”

I find musicians and the act of making music very interesting. There is movement and sound and an overall feeling to capture that is exciting. For many years, I have painted famous musicians but recently decided to create a series of works about local musicians. This painting of my friends Dave & Dyno and the Roadkill Orchestra band represents Missouri at its finest. The music is folky, simple, and fun. Their lyrics make you sit up and listen. I have tried to capture some of that folky spirit in this painting.

Poster dimensions: 28″ x 22″