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Thunderstorm on the Katy Trail by Kate Gray

2019 Commemorative Poster

About the Artist

Kate Gray is a graphic designer, artist, and the gallery director for Boone County History & Culture Center’s Montminy Art Gallery. She received her BFA in Advertising Art and a minor in marketing from the University of North Texas, and she received her MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Kate has more than 30 years of professional experience in all areas of communication and design. She has also served as an assistant professor at Stephens College. Kate is an award-winning professional fine artist and is a signature member of the Missouri Watercolor Society.

About the Artwork, “Thunderstorm on the Katy Trail”

One of the things I love most about Columbia is the Katy Trail. It is a hidden gem of nature’s finest crown jewels – right at our fingertips. It is also one of my most inspirational sources. Immersing myself in nature is one of the best ways for me to clear a creative block, gain valuable insight into what is important and let all the stresses of the world fade away.

One evening, I needed help with all three, so I jumped on my bike and took a ride on the trail. Pedal after pedal, stressed faded and things that were important once again crystallized. My creative fire was reignited. Once I reached the bird preserve, I stopped, got off my bike and walked out into the open field. The sun was trying to set, but a thunderstorm would have nothing to do with it. I watched the sky light up with thunder and lightning, so powerful, it took my breath. Flash after flash, I watched as the world of nature around me became shockingly beautiful.

Inspired, I returned to my studio, drenched in rain and created this painting inspired by the hidden jewel of Columbia – the Katy Trail.

Poster dimensions: 28″ x 22″