Commemorative Poster Gallery

Visual art is featured as the City of Columbia's official Commemorative Poster each year. The Poster is intended to communicate the vitality and beauty of mid-Missouri and the significance of the arts. The Commemorative Posters are available for purchase year round at the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Walton Building, 300 S. Providence.

The current year's poster is $20 and previous year's posters are $10. Cash, check, and credit card accepted.

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Thunderstorm on the Katy Trail Commemorative Poster

2019 Commemorative Poster,
Kate Gray,
Thunderstorm on the Katy Trail,
Oil on Canvas

Diner by Night Commemorative Poster

2018 Commemorative Poster,
Roy F. Fox,
Diner by Night,

The Champion Commemorative Poster

2017 Commemorative Poster,
Svetlana Grobman,
The Champion,

Missouri Riverbilly Band Commemorative Poster

2016 Commemorative Poster,
Lisa Bartlett,
Missouri Riverbilly Band,
Acrylic on canvas

Tribute to Blind Boone Commemorative Poster

2015 Commemorative Poster,
David Spear,
Tribute to Blind Boone,
oil on board

Cooper’s Landing Commemorative Poster

2014 Commemorative Poster,
Deb Roberts,
Cooper’s Landing,

Winter Sunset Commemorative Poster

2013 Commemorative Poster,
Jerry Brown,
Winter Sunset,

Bike on the Katy Trail Commemorative Poster

2012 Commemorative Poster,
Colette Brumbaugh,
Bike on the Katy Trail,
oil painting

Booches – Since 1884 Commemorative Poster

2011 Commemorative Poster,
Edgar I Ailor III,
Booches – Since 1884,

Huntsdale House Commemorative Poster

2010 Commemorative Poster,
Eric Seat,
Huntsdale House,
acrylic and oil painting

After the Rain Commemorative Poster

2009 Commemorative Poster,
Naomi Sugino,
After the Rain,
oil on canvas painting

My Columbia Commemorative Poster

2008 Commemorative Poster,
Melissa Mudd,
My Columbia,
acrylic and mixed media painting

Missouri River – August Commemorative Poster

2007 Commemorative Poster,
Frank Stack,
Missouri River – August,

Summer Storm Commemorative Poster

2006 Commemorative Poster,
Steve Wright,
Summer Storm,

Sycamore Commemorative Poster

2005 Commemorative Poster,
Scott Myers,

Farmscape I Commemorative Poster

2004 Commemorative Poster,
Joel Sager,
Farmscape I,
mixed media

Logic/Feeling Commemorative Poster

2003 Commemorative Poster,
Mark Langeneckert,
mixed media

Mizzou at Night Commemorative Poster

2002 Commemorative Poster,
Terry Martin,
Mizzou at Night,

Tiger Columns Commemorative Poster

2001 Commemorative Poster,
Kelly Coalier,
Tiger Columns,
watercolor pencil

Rendezvous Commemorative Poster

2000 Commemorative Poster,
Paul Jackson,

Plowboy Bend on the Missouri Commemorative Poster

1999 Commemorative Poster,
Beth Darling,
Plowboy Bend on the Missouri,
oil on canvas

Waterlilies Commemorative Poster

1998 Commemorative Poster,
Jean Forrester,
colored pencil drawing

The Devils Backbone Commemorative Poster

1997 Commemorative Poster,
Peter Jackson,
The Devils Backbone,

Avenue of the Columns Commemorative Poster

1996 Commemorative Poster,
Greg Launhardt,
Avenue of the Columns,
oil on canvas

Hills Commemorative Poster

1995 Commemorative Poster,
Richard Helmick,

Triptych: Providence Bend Commemorative Poster

1994 Commemorative Poster,
Notley Hawkins,
Triptych: Providence Bend,
oil on canvas

Divine Sunset Commemorative Poster

1993 Commemorative Poster,
Brian Mahieu,
Divine Sunset,
oil on canvas

Untitled Commemorative Poster

1992 Commemorative Poster,
Keith Crown,