City Funded Arts Organizations

Logos & Arts Funding Recognition

Organizations that receive city arts funding are required to credit the city in promotional materials (flyers, posters, print ads, brochures, etc.). Logos available for download.

Revising Your Funded Project

Once a proposed project is approved, a revised narrative and budget are required so to reflect the actual amount awarded (since it will almost surely differ from the initial request). If stipulations are placed on the application during the review process, they will need to be satisfied at the time of the revision. You will be notified of these requirements and sent a form, or you can use this online version. All required revisions must be received and approved by the Office of Cultural Affairs staff, along with the signed contract, before any funds can be released.

Completed Projects

A final report is required of each project 45 days after its end date. Ten percent of each funding contract is held until the report is submitted. If the report is not received after 90 days, the 10% is forfeited. A blank Final Report form will be sent to you, along with a reminder that it is due, or use this online version.