CoMo Arts Emerging Leaders

Formed in the fall 2015, CoMo Arts Emerging Leaders is a group geared toward individuals working in the arts or arts administration who are 35 or younger or who have been in the field five years or less. The network serves as a tool for members to strengthen connections in the community, provide peer support, and exchange resources for the next wave of arts leaders in Columbia.

Our short term goals are to form a network in Columbia and get to know one another better, resulting in a stronger community of emerging arts leaders. We plan to accomplish this by hosting informal lunches and social events throughout the year and having dialogue on our Facebook page. Long term goals include ongoing professional development opportunities and building a connection with the Missouri Arts Council network, which is in the process of forming. 

 Who’s involved? 

We hope the network can grow to include artists, college students, educators, arts administrators, community volunteers, musicians, performers, gallery owners, writers, creative entrepreneurs and others. 

The benefits:

Being a part of Columbia’s network will strengthen connections, lead to more collaborations, and provide peer support and resources for the next wave of arts leaders in Columbia. 

How to get involved?