Accepting Gifts of Works of Art


Guidelines for accepting gifts of works of art is found in Chapter 2 of the City Code of Ordinances, section 2-237 outlined below. Those who wish to donate existing works of art, or works yet to be completed (for example, a mural), shall submit information through the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Accepting Gifts of Works of Art Ordinance

Section 2-237. Gifts of works of art; procedures and guidelines for acceptance.
Persons wishing to donate works of art to the City shall submit the following information to the manager of the Office of Cultural Affairs:

  1. A description of the work of art including the dimensions;
  2. The proposed display site, if a particular site is preferred;
  3. If the work of art has not been completed, relevant information on the artist;
  4. The estimated value of the work of art;
  5. An estimate of any cost to the city for installing the work (including such items as cost of removal from and restoration of an existing site, relocation costs, and site preparation costs);
  6. If applicable, the identity of the persons installing the work and the manner in which the installation shall be accomplished;
  7. A description of any repair or restoration work needed and an estimate of the cost of such repair or restoration;
  8. A description of any necessary maintenance procedures and an estimate of the annual cost of such maintenance.

The manager of the Office of Cultural Affairs, to the extent feasible, shall assist potential donors in assembling this information.

The manager of Cultural Affairs shall forward information received on a proposed gift of a work of art to the Commission on Cultural Affairs and if applicable, to the department head in charge of the proposed display site.

The Commission on Cultural Affairs shall make a recommendation to the City Council on whether to accept the proposed gift of a work of art. In making its recommendation, the Commission shall consider the following factors:

The quality of the work of art;
If the work has not been completed, the ability of the artist;
The appropriateness of locating the work of art at the proposed display site;
Any proposed restrictions on the gift;
The technical feasibility of accepting and installing the work of art;
The cost to the city of accepting the work of art.

In considering a proposed gift of a work of art, the Commission shall consider the comments of the department head in charge of the proposed display site and the comments of any authorities or experts with whom the Commission has consulted.

The City Council shall decide whether to accept or reject works of art offered to the City.

Additional Notes

Proposed display site: Eligibility of the site will be determined by the department head in charge of the proposed display site. A request for public input may also be made.

Permits and other requirements: Depending on the nature of your installation plan for the project, additional City permits may be needed (for example, a right of use or special events permit). Please consider permit applications and fees, and any other expenses (such as engineering, traffic planning and execution) that would be required to plan and execute the project. If at any point you wish to host an event at the site or other location, a special events permit may be needed. As some projects are more complicated than others, please contact City staff early in the process to coordinate with necessary departments.

Grant or outside funding: If you are considering applying for grant funding for the proposed project, please contact City staff before submitting an application. If you have been awarded funding, staff will need to know of any restrictions and review the specifics of the funding agreement. A copy of the grant application and agreement will need to be provided to the City.

Is City funding available to execute a proposed mural project? The City does not currently have budgeted funds for projects outside of its regular programs. Collaborations with other agencies or private donors who may serve as a fiscal sponsor and fund materials and other expenses is encouraged.