List of Suggested Activities for Children

beatle bailey sculptureBe a Sculptor, ages 5-10

Help children use a variety of materials to create their own sculptures. They can create soft stone for carving with paper mache, found objects or plaster of Paris. Paper tubes and toilet paper roles make sculptures that reach new heights while newspapers, jar lids and egg cartons turn trash into art.

Express Yourself, ages 7-10

Sometimes sculpture does not look familiar. Sculptors often use shape, color and texture to represent ideas or feelings. Abstract sculptures may include a variety of themes and techniques and are usually unique to the artist’s experience. Encourage children to brainstorm images and ideas, then provide them with dough or clay to create sculptures that express anger, joy, frustration, spring, summer, the Fourth of July and so on.

Point of View, ages 10-12

cat sculptureWhat if outdoor sculptures could think and speak? What would they say about their world and the people who come to see them? Ask children to imagine they are sculptures. They may choose to be notable monuments or a lesser-known abstract work. Ask them to write a short story or play based on their thoughts as sculptures. Extend this activity by asking them to act out the stories they write.

These activities were developed by Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!), a national project that advocates greater knowledge about outdoor sculpture and its care. For more information, visit the SOS!4Kids website.