Logos & Arts Funding Recognition

Recognizing Office of Cultural Affairs Support

Projects that receive city arts funding must prominently recognize the Office of Cultural Affairs on all project-related news releases, brochures, flyers, banners, etc, using the OCA logo and required credit line: “Financial assistance has been provided by the City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs.” Verbal acknowledgement should be given in any event where there are no printed materials and during any interviews with the media.

Office of Cultural Affairs Logos

The Office of Cultural Affairs logo is provided to allow funded agencies and other associated organizations to acknowledge OCA support. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding which OCA logo to use.

  • You have four variationsopens PDF file  of the logo to choose from: horizontal or vertical orientation, color, grayscale, black, or reverse white on black. Choosing which logo to use will depend on several factors.
  • If you have a black or dark background, use the reversed logo.
  • Choose the orientation, vertical or horizontal, that will maximize the image for the space allotted.
  • The OCA logo is provided in two different formats for your publications. To download the files double click on the “zip file” link of choice.

JPEG – Best format for online and World Wide Web use.

TIF – Best format for use in print materials.

Logos for Print:

TIF zip files
EPS zip files (a different format used for print)

Logos for the Web:

JPEG zip files

Reversed Out Logos:

PNG zip files


The logo was designed by Bree Martino and Brittny Goran of Creative Ink, a student-run integrated marketing firm at Stephens College.

If you have questions about crediting the OCA or your funding agreement, call 573-874-7512.