Onyx 2019

Onyx surface seal 2019

Innovative Roadway Solutions, the Onyx contractor for Columbia Public Works,  completed surface seal operations on 46 streets in 2019. The Onyx surface treatment is a fast-drying asphalt roadway and pavement sealing solution designed to extend pavement life. It is a mixture of liquid asphalt, fine aggregates, recycled products and bonding agents.

Street Name From To STATUS
Court Street Hickory Street Paris Road Completed
Hazelwood Drive Charles Street Vine Street Completed
Vine Street Charles Street Fairway Drive Completed
Country Lane Fairway Drive Fairway Drive Completed
Fairway Drive Country Lane Country Club Drive Completed
Chapel Hill Road Scott Boulevard Fairview Road Completed
Greeley Drive Brown Station Road Weymeyer Drive Completed
Weymeyer Drive Brown Station Road Greeley Drive Completed
Prairie Ridge Street Greeley Drive Weymeyer Drive Completed
Aztec Boulevard Ballenger Lane Arapahoe Circle Completed
Arapahoe Place North End Aztec Boulevard Completed
Stevendave Drive West End East End Completed
Beulah Drive West End Stevendave Drive Completed
Murrell Drive Stevendave Drive South End Completed
Waterloo Drive Stevendave Drive Ballenger Lane Completed
Starlight Drive North End South End Completed
Orchard Lane Ballenger Lane Callaway Drive Completed
Callaway Drive Callaway Drive Orchard Lane Completed
Ria Street Boyd Lane McKee Street Completed
Cherry Blossom Lane Upland Creek Road East End Completed
Maple Leaf Drive Wild Rose Upland Creek Road Completed
Adens Woods Court North End Maple Leaf Drive Completed
Wolf Trail North End Maple Leaf Drive Completed
Wild Rose North End Maple Leaf Drive Completed
Wildwood Drive Cimarron Drive Skylark Drive Completed
Columbine Court West End Wildwood Drive Completed
Doris Drive Creasy Springs Road Texas Avenue Completed
Kathy Drive Jackson Street Texas Avenue Completed
Donnelly Avenue West Boulevard Cook Avenue Completed
Cook Avenue Sexton Road Hirth Avenue Completed
Grand Avenue Business Loop 70 Sexton Road Completed
Heriford Road Parker Street Paris Road Completed
Brown Station Road Olive Street East Brown Station Road Completed
William Street Bass Avenue Rollins Street Not Completed –
Street will be reevaluated for 2020
Randy Lane Audubon Drive Bluff Boulevard Completed
Audubon Drive Randy Lane Shepard Boulevard Completed
Pepper Tree Lane Audubon Drive East End Completed
Rain Tree Court Audubon Drive East End Completed
Cowan Drive Rollins Road South End Completed
Ridge Road Rollins Road Rollins Road Completed
Rollins Road Ridge Road Marion Drive Completed
Rollins Road West End West Boulevard Completed
Rollins Road West Boulevard Redbud Lane Completed
Bearfield Road Old Highway 63 Woodhaven Drive Completed
Dunbar Drive Highlands Parkway Forum Boulevard Completed
Whitekirk Drive Dunbar Drive Strathmore Drive Completed
Carrick Court Tayside Circle South End Completed

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