Mill and Overlay 2018

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Click on the street name below to see the location map:                                   

Hanover Boulevard Clark Lane Rice Road
Olympic Boulevard Hanover Boulevard Clark Lane
Laurel Drive Summit Road Fairview Road
Summit Road Fairview Road Walther Court
Sable Court Ivanhoe Boulevard South End
Manor Court Manor Drive South End
Manor Drive West Broadway Rollins Road
Forum Boulevard – Shoulder SE of Hinkson Creek Bridge Woodrail Avenue
Thornridge Drive S. Cedar Lake Drive Dustin Drive
Cedar Ridge Drive S. Cedar Lake Drive Dustin Drive
Dustin Intersection Dustin Drive & S. Cedar Lake Drive/Court intersection
Forum Boulevard Southampton Drive W. Rail Court
Sheffield Court Forum Boulevard East End
Killarney Drive West End East End
Royal Aberdeen Street Glen Eagle Drive Killarney Drive
Crestwood Lane Forum Boulevard La Rail Drive
Burrwood Drive Oakhaven Drive North End
Westmount Avenue Stewart Road Lathrop Road
Thilly Avenue Stewart Road Lathrop Road
E. Worley Street Garth Avenue Providence Road
Fourth Street Wilkes Boulevard Hickman Avenue
Hinkson Avenue College Avenue Nicholas Street
Nicols Street Hinkson Avenue Rogers Street
Fay Street Railroad Tracks Hinkson Avenue
Vandiver Drive Paris Road Lake Ridgeway Road
Mckee Street Clark Lane Rice Road
Godas Drive/Circle Trikalla Drive Valley Creek Lane
Clark Lane Paris Road Highway 63 Bridge
Towne Drive Clark Lane Whitegate
Forum Boulevard Stadium Boulevard Chapel Hill
Elm Street Providence Road Hitt Street
Fourth Street Stewart Road Conley Avenue
West Broadway Aldeah Avenue Atkins Drive