Quint (Q) - Fire apparatus equipped with a fire pump, water tank, ground ladders, and hose bed in addition to the aerial device.  Ours are 75’
Engine (E) – Fire Department pumper
Ladder (L) – Technically could be called a quint, but the ladder is 95’
Snozzle (SNZ) – Specialty apparatus equipped with a 65’ elevated master stream, fire pump, water tank, ground ladders and a hose bed.
Squad (S) – Specialty truck with high angle rescue equipment, extrication equipment and shoring materials.
Medic (ambulance) (M) – Ambulance responding to the incident.  100’s are Boone Hospital and 200’s are the University ambulances.  They are located at bases around the county.
Numbers designate the fire station where they are assigned. ( I.e.  E2 is the Engine at Station 2)