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Integrated Electric Resource and Master Plan Task Force

Meeting Body Details

Assist in the planning and rate-setting process associated with the preparation of an updated Integrated Electric Resource and Master Plan, and report its findings and recommendations to the City Council.  The task force consists of eleven members and four ad-hoc non-voting members, and six members are appointed by the Council.  There are no term limits.

Members & Terms

  • Scott Bell
  • Philip Fracica
  • Rachel Hassani
  • Alexander Antal
  • Dick Parker
  • Detelina Marinova
  • Robin Wenneker (Water and Light Advisory Board)
  • Kim Fallis (Water and Light Advisory Board)
  • Scott Fines (Water and Light Advisory Board)
  • Jay Hasheider (Water and Light Advisory Board)
  • Thomas Jensen (Water and Light Advisory Board)
  • Lincoln Brown (Ad-hoc non-voting representative of the Environment and Energy Commission)
  • Nicholas Knoth (Ad-hoc non-voting representative of the Community Development Commission)
  • Gregg Coffin (Ad-hoc non-voting representative of the University of Missouri)
  • Vacant (Ad-hoc non-voting representative of the Boone Electric Cooperative)

Establishing Legislation

R36-18A - Establishing an Integrated Electric Resource and Master Plan Task Force.