City of Columbia Missouri

Fair Housing Task Force

Meeting Body Details


Gather and review fair housing data presented by staff and local partners, review public input collected through the public engagement process, and provide recommendations for fair housing goals and policies.  In addition to the two non-voting council members, ten appointments to this eighteen member task force are made by the Council, and there are no term limits.

Members & Terms

  • Barbie Banks
  • Brad Bryan
  • Rhonda Carlson
  • Nick Foster
  • Virginia Law
  • William Lindsay
  • Shawna Neuner
  • Phil Steinhaus
  • Bryon White
  • Brad Young
  • Paul Whatley (Representative of the Community Development Commission)
  • Susan Maze (Representative of the Community Land Trust Organization Board)
  • Anthony Stanton (Representative of the Planning and Zoning Commission)
  • Diane Suhler (Representative of the Human Services Commission)
  • Julie Walden (Representative of the Disabilities Commission)
  • Scott Dean (Representative of the Human Rights Commission)
  • Betsy Peters (Non-Voting Council Member)
  • Mike Trapp (Non-Voting Council Member)

Establishing Legislation:

R24-18A - Establishing the Fair Housing Task Force.

R91-18 - Amending R24-18A which established the Fair Housing Task Force to add two additional task force members.