City of Columbia Missouri

Rock Quarry Road Scenic Roadway Stakeholder Advisory Group

Meeting Body Details

Works with the Planning and Zoning Commission, who is tasked to develop a corridor plan, in determining the values and preferences regarding the scenic preservation and roadway design within and along the Rock Quarry Road Scenic Roadway corridor, and provides roadway design input regarding the level of service needs of all intended roadway users against the scenic roadway district preservation goals in proposing specific design options. The Rock Quarry Road Scenic Roadway is the portion of Rock Quarry Roadfrom the south property line of the property located at the southwest corner ofFellows Placeto the south city limits of Columbia.  The City Council appoints up to fifteen (15) members to this Group, and there are no term limits.

Members & Terms:

  • Tony Davis
  • Janet Hammen
  • Barbara Hoppe
  • Bev Peterson
  • Jan Pritchard
  • Victoria Wilson
  • Julie Youmans
  • Meredith Donaldson (Parks and Recreation Commission Representative)
  • Dan Harder (Bicycle/Pedestrian Commission)
  • Anthony Stanton (Planning and Zoning Commission Representative)
  • Betsy Peters (City Council Representative)

Establishing Legislation: 

Section 29-2.3(b) of the Columbia Code of Ordinances - SR-O scenic roadway overlay:  This section includes the description and requirements of a stakeholder advisory group.  At the March 7, 2016 Council Meeting, the City Council decided to allow the membership to consist of eleven members (see discussion associated with REP17-16).

Ordinance No. 015561: Designating a portion of Rock Quarry Road a scenic roadway.