City of Columbia Missouri

Source Water Protection Plan Task Force

Meeting Body Details

Develops a Source Water Protection Plan for the City’s water supply as outlined in Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ “Guidelines for Developing a Source Water Protection Plan. The City Council makes four appointments to this twelve member board and there are no term limits.

Members & Terms:

  • Terry Merritt - City Council Appointment
  • John Betz - City Council Appointment
  • Benjamin Ross - City Council Appointment
  • Joshua Lehmen - City Council Appointment
  • Dave Mathon - Water and Light Engineering - City Manager Appointment
  • William Strawn - Water Distribution Manager - City Manager Appointment
  • David Storvick - Water and Light Engineering - City Manager Appointment
  • David Sorrell - Assistant Director of City Utilities - City Manager Appointment
  • Todd Houts - University of Missouri-Columbia Appointment
  • Roger Ballew - Public Water Supply District No. 9 Appointment
  • Jay Hasheider - Water and Light Advisory Board Appointment
  • Clayton Light - Missouri Department of Conservation Appointment

Establishing Legislation:

R90-10 - Establishing a Source Water Protection Plan Task Force to develop a Source Water Protection Plan for the City of Columbia's water supply.