City of Columbia Missouri

Comprehensive Plan Task Force

Meeting Body Details


Advises and assists the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council on all phases in the development of a new Comprehensive Plan, including citizen involvement, public education and outreach, recruitment of volunteers and the review of interim products. Appointments are made by the City Council and there are no term limits.

Members & Terms

  • Jack Clark
  • Adam Dushoff
  • John Glenn
  • John Hancock
  • Vacant
  • Veronica Kramer
  • Alice Leeper
  • Bonnie Maiers
  • Richard Perkins
  • Vacant
  • Adam Saunders
  • Jonathan Sessions
  • Shelley Simon
  • Don Stamper
  • Annelle Whitt

Establishing Legislation:

R113-09A - Establishing a Comprehensive Plan Task Force to assist the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Fact Sheet regarding the Comprehensive Plan Task Force duties.