City of Columbia Missouri

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Meeting Agenda

Columbia City Council Pre-Council Meeting

January 22, 2013

  1. Motion for closed meeting to discuss the purchase or sale of real estate pursuant to the provisions of Section 610.021 (2) RSMo.
  2. Topics for January 22:
    1. Grindstone Trail:  This portion of the meeting is open to the public.

      1. Grindstone Trail Presentation
    2. Real Estate Transaction: This portion of the meeting will be closed to the public.

      1. Notice of Closed Meeting
  3. Topics for February 4, 2013 Pre-Council Meeting:
    1. Health Impact Assessment

    2. Labor Groups present 2013 Goals & Objectives

  4. Tentative Future Meeting Topics
    1. Other 2013 topics:  Police Forfeiture Funds, Well Sites, Strategic Planning (Health, Safety and Well-Being, Workforce, Financial Health, Growth Management, Infrastructure, Economic Development)

  5. Other Topics Council May Wish To Discuss