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October 14, 2020

CONTACT: Sara Humm
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Census data collection ending early following Supreme Court ruling

(COLUMBIA, MO) - The U.S. Census Bureau has announced that the 2020 Census count will be ending early following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. The new deadline is Thursday, Oct. 15.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, the Supreme Court approved a request from the federal administration to suspend a lower court order that extended the census to Oct. 31. The deadline for the 2020 Census has been changed multiple times by U.S. Census Bureau officials and as a result of court rulings. 

The U.S. Census Bureau released the following information about the deadlines for data collection:
  • Internet self-responses will be available across the nation through Oct. 15, until 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time, (6 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Oct. 16). Visit to respond today.
  • Phone responses will be available for its regularly scheduled time on Oct. 15. View the schedule and a list of phone numbers in several languages:
  • Paper responses must be postmarked by Oct.15.
  • Non-response follow-up census takers will continue resolving non-responding addresses through the end of the day on Oct. 15.

The census impacts many parts of life, including community funding, business opportunities and government representation. Federal agencies use census results to distribute hundreds of billions of dollars in funds each year. In fiscal year 2016, Missouri received more than $16 billion through federal spending programs guided by data derived from the 2010 Census. Low participation in the 2020 Census could have substantial negative consequences for the state and county. For every adult and child that is not counted, the community loses an estimated $1,300 in federal funding per person, per year for 10 years.

Columbia and Boone County have a partnership called Boone County Counts to promote the census. Follow the efforts of the Boone County Counts partnership on Facebook and Instagram at @BooneCountyCounts or on the website at

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