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June 18, 2020

CONTACT: Megan McConachie
Strategic Communications Manager
Convention and Visitors Bureau

Local partnership launches CoMoUnity campaign

(COLUMBIA, MO) - A local partnership of multiple organizations has joined together to launch the CoMoUnity campaign. While the efforts initially focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, our community needs each other's support now more than ever as businesses continue to recover, as COVID-19 remains in our lives and as racial injustices continue to expose how far we have to go to achieve equity for all residents. Now, as the community begins to slowly open, businesses try to recover, and we continue the hard work around combating the violence and mistreatment that too often befalls our black and brown neighbors, working together is even more important.

The concept of CoMoUnity reflects that, during a time that we need each other’s support more than ever, Columbia can come together to keep our residents, our businesses and our community united. With a focus on people, positivity and resilience, CoMoUnity brings together one community with one goal: to come out of these tough times together.

The CoMoUnity campaign includes a logo, social media graphics, website and email headings and an upcoming video featuring local voices sharing a message of unity during this time. Businesses and individuals are all invited to use the campaign assets to show their support of Columbia.

The CoMoUnity partnership organizations are: City of Columbia, Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau, Columbia Chamber of Commerce, University of Missouri, Stephens College, Columbia College, The District, The Loop, Regional Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) and the County of Boone.

For additional information, contact Megan McConachie, strategic communications manager at the Convention and Visitors Bureau, at 573.441.5572 or  


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