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Per ordinance the property owner of a stormwater BMP is required to submit inspection and maintenance records to the City of Columbia Stormwater Utility for each BMP.

– Stormwater Engineering Standards and Manual-

Stormwater Management and Water Quality Manual
In effective as of January 1, 2013

Street, Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Specifications and Standards (October 2016)

Clipart highlighting new content or information.Policy for Stormwater Detention on Small Site Upstream of Critical Area

As of May 6, 2014, Public Works has established the above referenced policy in order to provide a consistent framework addressing detention in re-developments which occur in watersheds that contribute to Critical Downstream Locations (Sec. 12A-5 of City Ordinances).

* For the purposes of this policy, a “small site” is one in which detention is not already required by the flow chart in Figure 6.8.1 of the City’s Stormwater Management and Water Quality Manual; for instance, sites with 20,000 or less square feet of impervious added and/or sites which are 3 acres or less with no increase in impervious surface.

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Show-Me Stormwater Management

Boone County, City of Columbia and MU coordinate stormwater activities. The three institutions are joint stormwater permit holders with assistance provided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).