Sustain CoMo Internship

The Sustain CoMo Internship provides hands-on experience to college students earning a degree related to sustainability. The mission of the program is to mentor future sustainability experts in project development and implementation through hands-on experiences to help fulfill the City of Columbia’s sustainability mission and prepare interns for a career in sustainability. 

The Sustain CoMo Internship program is an unpaid internship that requires interns to complete an individual project that furthers the City of Columbia’s sustainability mission. Interns may choose their project from an established list or have an original project approved by the program administrator. After choosing a project interns will be assigned a mentor based on the scope of their project. The duration of the internship is dependent upon the type of project, but is not to exceed one year. Other opportunities to work with professionals not associated with the intern’s project will be provided if available. 

Responsibilities of the Intern

Interns are responsible for 1) organizing and implementing an approved project, 2) sending approved monthly progress reports, 3) completing and recording 8 additional hours of volunteer service per month related to sustainability, and 4) attending an orientation and exit interview with the program administrator.

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Responsibilities of the Mentor

Mentors are responsible for guiding interns through the planning and implementation phases of the student’s project. Mentors will also approve monthly progress reports written by the intern to be filed with the program administrator.  

Responsibilities of the Administrator

The Administrator acts as the liaison between the University of Missouri and City of Columbia and is responsible for all program functions within the management of the City. These responsibilities include: 1) conduct the orientation and exit interviews for all interns, 2) organize and advertise appropriate projects that benefit the City and interns’ futures, 3) mediate any conflicts between interns and mentors, 4) manage intern project progress, and 5) assist mentors and interns throughout the planning and implementation phases of their project.     

University of Missouri Advisor (may not apply to all interns)

The University advisor is responsible for program functions within the management of the University of Missouri. These responsibilities include: 1) assist with intern selection, 2) manage student registration for University, and 3) participate in conflict mediation sessions with program administrator.


Application Process

Who May Apply

Students enrolled in or accepted for enrollment and seeking a degree in sustainability (biology, conservation, environmental sciences, etc.) from a qualifying educational institution, on a full or half-time basis. 

To Apply

Complete the Sustain CoMo Internship Application and send a cover letter and resume to Danielle Fox at:

Successful applicants will be notified within two weeks.