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Bike Marking Survey

Columbia Public Works is asking the public to view experimental bike pavement markings at four Columbia intersections and then take an online survey. The experimental bike markings are currently located on the northbound and southbound approaches of Garth and Broadway, Garth and Worley, West Boulevard and Worley, and West Boulevard and Broadway.

Take the Survey Here – Survey closes July 5, 2017

Read more about the survey in the Press Release here.



Columbia Bike Map

2017 Bike map

2017 Bike map supplement


Bike Parking

Downtown Bike Parking
Parking on Mixed-Use Streets


Register Your Bike

How to Register Your Bike


Bus Bike Racks

Cyclists can ride on COMO Connect


Bike Rack Share Program

Bike Rack Cost-Share program for local businesses


Bike Safety Tips

Youtube video: Share the Road

A Guide to Your Ride

Accessorize Your Ride

Benefits of Biking

Sharing the road with motorists

Bike lane markings on the streets

Drive Nice. Bike Nice.  Streets

Riding Tips: Safety tips for Bicyclists

Share the Road: Bicyclists

Share the Road: Motorists

Simple Rules of the Road



Walking Tips

Walk Yourself to Good Health


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