Media & Public Relations

    The Columbia Police Department is the primary source of police information in the City of Columbia. Like the news media, the police department operates in a 24/7, 365 days a year environment. 

    During normal business hours, the Public Relations Unit offers a variety of services to employees, citizens, and the traditional media outlets. These individuals have been carefully selected to represent the police department in meeting communication needs. The unit is comprised of one sworn officer, one civilian, and the Public Relations Unit Supervisor Sgt. Bob Dochler. 

    If you are a reporter, or have a general inquiry, please contact the Public Information Officers Latisha Stroer or Bryana Larimer at, or by the contact numbers provided above.


    Ways to stay connected

    Social media is a main source to follow the activities and operations of the Columbia Police Department. Often times, news reporters will get story ideas simply from following our Facebook and Twitter pages. Additional resources include:

    ISTATUS (calls for service) are also available online on a six hour delay to maintain officer safety. We are working on a digital version of the media book, which is currently located in our lobby and updated daily by 9:00 a.m.

    Sunshine (records) requests are made through the CPD Records Unit

    Media Guide

    The CPD Public Relations Unit created a Media Guide to assist members of the media in finding available resources, complying with public disclosure laws, and protecting the integrity of on-going criminal investigations. If you would like a hard copy of the Media Guide, please contact the Public Relations Unit. 

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