Administrative Bureau

City of Columbia Administrative Bureau

The Administrative Bureau is the smallest of the four bureaus and contains the Office of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chiefs of Police, the Public Relations Unit, Accreditation Manager, and the Legal Advisor.

Chief Ken Burton oversees the Deputy Chiefs, the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police, and works with the Legal Advisor.

There are two Deputy Chiefs of Police. Deputy Chief Jill Schlude is responsible for the Support Services Bureau, which includes: Administration, Administrative Support, and Operations Support. In December 2016, former Assistant Chief John Gordon was promoted to Deputy Chief. Deputy Chief Gordon is responsible for the Operations Bureau, which includes: Special Operations and Patrol Operations. With Deputy Chief Gordon’s promotion, one Assistant Chief position was eliminated. 

The Executive Assistant to the Chief is Sergeant Bob Dochler. Sergeant Dochler additionally works in the capacity of Accreditation Manager for the department.

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