Food Manager Training

What training is required of managers in food service

  • Must have achieved successful completion of an approved manager-training program
    (see links below)
  • A person meeting that qualification must be in the facility at all times
  • A person with a valid manager training certificate will not need the basic food handler card
  • An exception from the manager training requirement will be given for certain facilities with minimal food preparation that have been rated as low risk establishments
  • If you have any questions, please call the Environmental Health Division.

What does the manager training include?

  • Minimum of six hours of training and successful completion of an approved examination
  • Only after completing and passing the examination will persons be eligible to meet the food manager-training requirement
  • Food manager training will be good for five years from the date the certificate of training is issued

Who offers the training?

The Career Center

Safe Food Handlers Corporation

Lifelong Learning Consultants, Inc.

Do I have to take the National or Local exam?

  • Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services will honor both, but only the national exam will be honored in other jurisdictions.