Daycare Facilities

    What do I need to do to open a daycare?

    • Contact the Bureau of Childcare district office
      • 1500 Vandiver Drive – Columbia, MO
      • 573-882-9399
    • The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services performs required inspections, but is not involved in the process of licensing daycares

    Which daycares must be licensed?

    • Daycare centers
    • Home daycares caring for more than 4 children that are not related to the caregiver

    Which daycares are inspected?

    • Licensed home daycares
    • Daycare centers
    • Group homes
    • License-exempt centers

    How often are daycares inspected?

    • Home daycares – 1 time per year
    • Daycare centers – 1 time per year
      • daycare centers are also required to meet Food Code regulations

    What is looked for during an inspection?

    • Compliance with sanitation requirements, such as:
      • proper cleaning and sanitization of diaper changing surfaces
      • proper handwashing procedures
      • testing of water temperatures to prevent scalding