Introducing the Neighborhood Planning Process

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    Why embark on a neighborhood planning process?

    • Listed as a priority in Columbia Imagined
    • Build consensus about a shared long-range neighborhood vision
    • Provide neighbors with the opportunity to provide guidance for future development and redevelopment of land within or adjacent to residential neighborhoods
    • Provide developers with a clear understanding of neighbors’ desires and expectations
    • Strengthen neighborhood identities, character, and sense of pride by emphasizing and promoting unifying themes that make each neighborhood unique
    • Address basic infrastructure needs to maintain a healthy and functional living environment
    • Community Vital Signs

    How will the neighborhood plan be used and implemented?

    • Neighborhood future land use map (FLUM) will be created and used to inform future land use decision-making
    • Neighborhood infrastructure priorities will be weighed against city-wide needs, and coordinated with other area projects to maximize economy and honor the neighborhood’s wishes as possible

    What is the methodology used for defining neighborhood planning areas?

    • Based on existing Neighborhood & HOA boundaries, Census Tract boundaries, major roadways, and natural boundaries
    • Priority will be given to areas lacking an existing neighborhood plan
    • History & Existing Conditions