Columbia Community Land Trust


    Columbia Community Land Trust

    Columbia Community Land Trust (CCLT) is a nonprofit, community-based corporation established as a community land trust in Columbia Missouri to create and preserve a permanent supply of affordable homes for low-income households otherwise unable to afford homeownership. 

    The CCLT was incorporated on November 3, 2016 and held its first board meeting on January 10, 2017, approving by-laws and establishing the CCLT as a new organization.

    What are Community Land Trust Organizations?

    Community Land Trust (CLT) Organizations are non-profit community based corporations with the purpose of creating and preserving permanently affordable housing.  CLTs provide homeownership opportunities to lower income households that otherwise would not be able to afford homeownership.  CLTs also maintain a long-term relationship with CLT properties and ensure they remain affordable and well maintained.  CLTs separate the ownership of the land from the improvements (physical structure) through the use of a 99-year ground lease.  The ownership of the land is retained by the CLT to ensure that the improvements are sold at an affordable price to an eligible and qualified buyer.    

    “Community” Land Trusts typically qualify for 501(c)(3) status and maintain a three-part governance structure.  The CCLT models this structure by maintaining 1/3 of its governing board representation with Community and Business Leaders, 1/3 Neighborhood Representatives and 1/3 CLT Homeowners.  This board structure fosters an environment where the key stakeholders govern organizational policy decisions.

    CCLT Board of Directors

    CCLT Board appointments are maintained by the Columbia City Council

    Community and Business Leaders

    Jerry Dowell
    Alex LaBrunerie, Treasurer
    Paul Prevo, President

    Neighborhood Representatives

    Dan Cullimore, Secretary
    Shirley Rhoades
    Anthony Stanton, Vice-President

    CLT Homeowners

    Upon completion of 7 homes, City Council will appoint the remainder of the board.


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