Artist Directory

    Arts Directory

    The Arts Directory is an online listing of contact information for art agencies that currently receive funding from the OCA, artists whose work is in the city’s public art collection, or those selected for the Commemorative Poster or Traffic Box Art projects.
    The on-line listings are also available in a hard copy form (contact us for a copy).

    What happened to the Artists’ Registry?

    The Artists’ Registry was discontinued in 2012 as a result of the 2010 revision of the city’s Cultural Plan. When the Registry website was first created, it served as the online presence for many of local artists and arts agencies. As technology has evolved, most artists and agencies have an independent website and use other types of social media to market their work. Most of the profiles on the Registry were abandoned and out of date. Therefore the Commission of Cultural Affairs determined that the focus of the Artists’ Registry should shift to a directory format that would list the contact information for the artists and art organizations associated with the OCA.

    Can I be listed in the Directory?

    Currently the directory is limited to a specific set of artists and art agencies. This policy was adopted by the Commission in May 2011. The directory is a new service of the OCA, and is currently in a pilot phase; please check back for any changes in the policy.

    Eligible Artists:

    • Currently City-Funded, Non-Profit Art Agencies
    • Percent for Art Artists
    • Artists with works in the city’s public art collection
    • Commemorative Poster artists
    • Traffic Box Art artists
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    Showing Artists matching "S" and Type matching "Any"

    Sager, Joel
    Commemorative Poster: 2004 Percent for Art: City Hall Interior, Fifth Floor
    106 Orr Street
    Studio #4
    Columbia, MO 65201

    Seat, Eric
    Commemorative Poster: 2010

    Stack, Frank
    Commemorative Poster: 2007
    409 Thilly Avenue
    Columbia, MO 65203

    Sugino, Naomi
    Commemorative Poster: 2009
    700 Westmont Avenue
    Columbia, MO 65203

    Alleyway Arts
    Spear, David
    Percent for Art: Wabash Station; Traffic Box Art: Broadway & 9th Street; Commemorative Poster 2015
    1107 E. Broadway
    Columbia, MO 65203

    School of Service - Access Arts
    Funded Agency
    1724 McAlester Street
    Columbia, MO 65201