APRIL 10, 2002

    The City Council of the City of Columbia, Missouri met for a special session at 7:00 p.m., on Monday, April 10, 2002, in the Council Chamber of the City of Columbia, Missouri. The roll was taken with the following results: Council Members JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, and LOVELESS were present. The City Manager, Acting City Counselor, City Clerk and various Department Heads were also present.

(A)     Oath of Office - Council Members Crayton and John
    The City Clerk administered the Oath of Office to Council Members Crayton and John. Mayor Hindman presented Council members Crayton and John with their framed Commissions of Office and thanked them for their continuous good work. He said the Council was delighted to have them continue on the Council. They all took their places at the Council table.

(B)     Comments by Council Member Crayton
    Ms. Crayton thanked the City of Columbia and residents of her Ward for allowing her the opportunity to represent them for a second term. She acknowledged her son, Tyrone, and her Church family who were present in the audience. She thanked them for their support and that of her fellow Council members.

(C)     Comments by Council Member John
    Mr. John introduced his wife, Karen, and son, Justin, and thanked them for their support. He expressed gratitude to the voters of his Ward for supporting him for a second term. He acknowledged the Council and staff for their cooperation and effort.

(D)     Comments by the City Manager
    Mr. Beck congratulated Ms. Crayton and Mr. John on their re-election and thanked them for their past three years of service on the Council. He said he was looking forward to serving another three years with them. Mr. Beck thanked Mayor Hindman and the Council. He acknowledged the staff present in the audience and said they would all continue work on their goals and objectives for their community. As a team, the staff and Council, he said have done a good job of achieving the goals they have worked toward each year.

(E)     Election of May Pro-tem
    Mayor Hindman made the motion that council member Coffman be elected Mayor Pro-tem. The motion was seconded by Ms. Crayton and approved unanimously by voice vote.
    Mayor Hindman thanked Ms. Crayton for serving as Mayor Pro-tem for the past year.

(F)     Appointment of Council Committees by Mayor
    Mayor Hindman made appointments to the following committees:

                    CABLE TELEVISION                         CONLEY POOR FUND
                            Chris Janku                                         Almeta Crayton
                            John Coffman                                      Bob Hutton
                            John John                                            Jim Loveless

    Mayor Hindman invited everyone to a reception in the mezzanine.

    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

                                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                        Penny St. Romaine
                                                                                        City Clerk