JULY 2, 2001

    The City Council of the City of Columbia, Missouri met for a regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 2, 2001, in the Council Chamber of the City of Columbia, Missouri. The roll was taken with the following results: Council Members CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN and HINDMAN were present. The City Manager, City Counselor, City Clerk and various Department Heads were also present.

    The minutes of the regular meeting of June 18, 2001, as well as the minutes of the special meeting of June 26, 2001, were approved unanimously by voice vote on a motion made by Mr. John and a second by Mr. Hutton.

    Mayor Hindman noted that Item H would be added under Reports and Petitions and B217-01 would be pulled from the Consent Agenda and placed under Old Business.
    The agenda, as amended, including the Consent Agenda, was approved unanimously by voice vote on a motion made by Mr. Janku and a second by Mr. Loveless.

Columbia Cares for Kutaisi
    Mayor Hindman explained that he proclaimed July as "Columbia Cares for Kutaisi Month". He noted that Kutaisi is our Sister City located in the Republic of Georgia. On behalf of the Council, he asked that citizens donate iodized salt for shipment to our Sister City because it has been discovered that one-third of the school children there have goiters. He explained that goiters are caused by lack of iodine in the diet. The iodized salt collected will be shipped by a humanitarian organization, A Call to Serve, headed by Dr. Trish Blair. Mayor Hindman introduced members of the group. Each Council member contributed a container of salt.
    Trish Blair, 107 W. Burnham, thanked the Council for their leadership in helping Kutaisi. Dr. Blair explained that iodine deficiency leads to thyroid goiters, metabolic problems and mental retardation.

1.     Urban Wussler - Deposit Law.
    Urban Wussler, Bluff Boulevard, thought it was unlikely he would have enough time to submit initiative petitions relating to the repeal of the City's deposit law before the deadline for the November ballot. He commented his group will continue with their efforts for the April ballot, but were hopeful the matter could be settled before then.
    Mr. Wussler asked about the appointments to the Mayor-appointed Task Force and the establishment of their mission. He requested that the mission include the possibility of a complete abolition of the deposit law.
    Mayor Hindman informed Mr. Wussler that he has been deliberating about who would serve on the task force while making sure the group is fair and representative.

2.     John Clark - Review Number of Wards.
    John Clark, 403 N. Ninth, distributed an editorial regarding the changes in the makeup of the Council wards over the years. The area covered by each Council person has grown from 1.5 square miles in 1952 with four wards being represented, to 9 square miles in 2001 with six wards being represented. His suggestion was to change the City Charter to provide for 12 wards.

B214-01     Rezoning property located on the west side of the intersection of East Walnut Avenue and North
                   Garth Avenue from R-3 to O-1.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained the request from the Columbia Library Board for the approximate one-tenth of an acre tract located north of Broadway. He said the Board plans to use the area, along with some adjacent property, for parking purposes. Because the proposed parking lot is off-site, it needs to be zoned for business or industrial purposes. The O-1 request has been recommended for approval by both the Planning and Zoning Commission and staff.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    Dan Simon, an attorney with offices at 203 Executive Building, spoke on behalf of the Columbia Library Board of Trustees. Mr. Simon offered to answer any questions.
    Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    B214-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B215-01     Establishing permanent R-1 zoning on property located south and west of Hickam Court,
                   approximately 220 feet north of Old Plank Road.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this property was recently annexed into the City. Both staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the R-1 request.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    There being no comments, Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    B215-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B216-01     Establishing permanent R-1 zoning on property located on the north side of State Route KK, west
                   of Scott's Boulevard.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this request consists of 198 acres located in the southwest part of the community, adjacent to some land previously annexed into the City. Both the staff and the Commission have recommended approval of the request.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    Bill Crockett, an engineer with offices at 2608 N. Stadium, spoke on behalf of Thornbrook Development Company. The density on the overall development is about 1.25 lots per acre. This proposal is simply a continuation of the Thornbrook Development.
    Mr. Loveless asked about the areas on the map not included in this request. Mr. Crockett explained the tract in the far northeast is not ready to be developed. He noted that it lies behind the Water District's tower and well. The two small tracts in the southwest corner belong to other owners.
    Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    B216-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B218-01     Calling for bids for improvements to the Blind Boone Home.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained the City had purchased the Boone property using CDBG money. Some of these funds had been allocated for preservation and stabilization of the property. Since the closing, the City received a $25,000 grant from the State Historical Preservation Office and that, along with the money already set aside, would total $50,000 to be used toward improvements.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    There being no comments, Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    Mr. Beck pointed out that Mr. Warren is moving ahead on his new facility. As soon as that is completed, the City will be able to begin the second phase of the work on the Boone home.
    B218-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B204-01     Authorizing an agreement with the Evangelical Free Church to allow use of church's property for
                   public park purposes.
    The bill was given second reading
    In a recent ballot issue, Mr. Beck explained that money had been designated for neighborhood parks. As the School District identified the location for another school in the immediate area, it was determined the tract in question would be the best site for a neighborhood park. Mr. Beck stated the Church has agreed to work with the City, without cost, in providing a ten year lease agreement. The next step would be for the Parks and Recreation staff to begin developing a plan for the area. Neighborhood residents would be invited to participate in the planning process.
    Mr. Janku asked if staff looked into the issue of connecting the proposed park to public property located on the other side of the church. Mr. Hood indicated it had been discussed, and church representatives requested that the City keep that proposal separate from this particular agreement. He remarked they wanted this agreement to address only the 6.1 acres. Mr. Hood believed there was very good potential for linking the trail across the corner of the church's property to other city-owned land. He said staff would pursue that concept after they get the neighborhood park underway.
    Mr. Loveless asked which governing board of the church would be approving the agreement. Mr. Hood's understanding was that their executive board would be approving it. He said staff could identify that board and make it specific in the agreement. Mr. Loveless indicated he would like to see that specified.
    Mayor Hindman asked if the church's property would be significant to the park ten years from now if they were to sell it to a third party. Mr. Hood replied that staff believed the City's six acres would provide a functioning park. The church's six acres would be kept as an open, grassy field. He explained in preliminary discussions with the church, it was thought that this tract would probably end up as an open play area and a practice field for soccer, and possibly softball or baseball. Mayor Hindman suggested that the City request a first right of refusal for the property should the church wish to sell it. Mr. Beck agreed that staff could discuss the issue with the church representatives.
    B204-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B205-01     Authorizing construction of improvements to Dublin Park.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this would authorize staff to proceed with the development plan which would include a gravel walking trail, a playground, a picnic shelter, benches and trash receptacles. The estimated cost of the project is $79,000, which includes force account labor.
    Mr. Loveless asked if the gravel walking trail would be white crushed limestone. Mr. Hood said the original intent was to use a similar surface to that on the MKT Trail -- which is crushed limestone. Mr. Loveless reported neighborhood residents both supportive and opposed to the development of the park thought that the use of limestone would be unaesthetic. He said if there is an alternative trail material to white limestone, it would be preferable. Mr. Hood responded that staff would investigate it. Mayor Hindman noted that the trail in Westwinds Park was constructed with white limestone and it blends in very well with the neighborhood.
    B205-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B206-01     Authorizing a grant agreement for the purchase of chamber recycling compactors; appropriating funds.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Patterson explained that each year the Mid-Missouri Solid Waste District has a grant application and funding cycle. He reported that staff has been very successful in recovering some of those funds for the City of Columbia. This particular project is for a dual chamber recycling compactor. This will allow for a split hopper collection vehicle to be used in residential areas. Mr. Patterson stated one side of the container will be used for refuse going to the landfill, and the other half would provide an opportunity for recycling of materials that might have otherwise, in a commercial activity, gone to the landfill. He reported the City will receive approximately $38,000 in grant funding, with the local match share being about $12,700.
    Mr. Janku asked where the new equipment would be utilized. Mr. Patterson replied that currently they plan to concentrate on areas where it is very dense and space is somewhat limited -- such as the downtown district.
    B206-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B207-01     Authorizing a grant agreement for the purchase of materials to construct a compost demonstration
                   site at Capen park; appropriating funds.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Patterson explained last year the Solid Waste District applied for a $5,000 grant to be used primarily for educational purposes. He reminded the Council that last year the compost drop-off area at Capen Park had been renovated last year. He said the grant will fund the purchase of materials to construct a compost demonstration site for educational workshops on backyard composting. The site till contain several different types of compost bins as well as an informational display. The City's required match for the project will be $1,670, which is included in the current operating budget.
    B207-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B209-01     Accepting a bill of sale and sewer easements for the sewer that serves Haystack Acres Addition,
                   Haystack Acres and Willowbrook Subdivision from Boone County Regional Sewer District.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that the existing sewer presently serves eight homes. This will involve not only the conveyance of the sewer line, but the easements that go with it.
    Mr. Patterson noted that the conveyance will clearly delineate the City's and Boone County Regional Sewer District's service areas.
    B209-01 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HOFFMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B217-01     Approving the final plat of Broadway Farms, Plat 15, a replat of Lot 193, Broadway Farms, Plat 13.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this had been taken off the Consent Agenda because a request had been received to table the item until the next meeting.
    Mr. Hutton made the motion that B217-01 be tabled to the July 16, 2001, meeting. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    The following bills were given second reading and the resolutions were read by the Clerk.

B201-01     Accepting a Missouri Police Chiefs Association Step Grant; appropriating funds.
B202-01     Amending an agreement with the State of Missouri to expand WIC services; appropriating funds.
B203-01     Authorizing an agreement with the State of Missouri for the 2001 Summer Food Program;
                   appropriating funds.
B208-01     Amending Ordinance No. 15562 to correct the special assessment on property assessed for sidewalk
                   construction along Katy Lane.
B210-01     Confirming the contract of Capital Railroad Contracting, Inc. for construction of Sanitary Sewer
                   District No. 155 (Marion Drive and Medavista Drive); appropriating funds.
B211-01     Accepting a grant of easement for utility purposes.
B212-01     Confirming the contract of Garney Companies, Inc. for construction of water main along Route B
                   from Vandiver Drive to Business Loop 70.
B213-01     Approving the Engineers Final Report; accepting a deed of dedication; authorizing payment of
                   differential costs for construction of water main serving Bearfield Meadows, Plat 1.
R125-01     Setting a public hearing: voluntary annexation of property located generally east of the city limits,
                   along both sides of I-70.
R126-01     Authorizing an agreement with Lincoln University to provide clinic experience for student nurses.
R127-01     Authorizing an agreement with the Central Missouri Humane Society for animal control services.
R128-01     Authorizing an agreement with the Missouri Department of Health for surveillance of the West
                   Nile Virus.
R129-01     Authorizing an amendment to the contract with the Missouri Department of Health for comprehensive
                   family planning services.
R130-01     Authorizing an agreement with the Curators of the University of Missouri for the Show-Me State
                   Games and the Senior Games.
R131-01     Authorizing transfer of the farm lease of land located at Columbia Regional Airport.
R132-01     Adopting the "Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities" for Columbia Regional
R133-01     Approving the final plat of Willow Brook Plat 4.

    The bills were given third reading and the resolutions were read with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CRAYTON, JANKU, HUTTON, LOVELESS, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bills declared enacted and resolutions declared adopted, reading as follows:


    The following bills were introduced by the Mayor, unless otherwise indicated, and all were given first reading:

B219-01     Approving Change Order No. 1 to the contract with Huebert Builders for renovation of the existing
                   police building.
B220-01     Accepting easements for street, construction, drainage, utility and sewer purposes.
B221-01     Rezoning property located generally north of Blue Ridge Road and east of North Garth Avenue,
                   extended, from R-1 to R-2.
B222-01     Rezoning property located along the east side of Scott Boulevard, approximately 140 feet south of
                   Rollins Road from A-1 to R-1.
B223-01     Rezoning property located at 1408 Windsor Street from R-3 to R-2.
B224-01     Rezoning property located within the East Campus Neighborhood from R-3 and R-2 to R-2 and R-1.
B225-01     Accepting easements for electric and water purposes.
B226-01     Appropriating funds for the purchase of drinking fountains to be installed along the MKT Trail.
B227-01     Appropriating funds for the fabrication and installation of benches throughout the park system.
B228-01     Authorizing an agreement with Pink, Inc.; appropriating funds.

(A)     Street closure requests.
    There was a question as to whether or not any churches would be affected by these requests. Mayor Hindman noted that earlier this evening the Council had learned that one church was cut off completely when streets were allowed to be closed for the Lakota Cup. He asked what kind of notice is given. Mr. Beck said the requester must discuss the proposal with the downtown property owners first, then it goes to the Central Columbia Association. After their review, CCA sends a recommendation as to whether there might be a problem with approving the request. Mr. Beck stated this information is then forwarded to the Council. Mr. Janku remarked that if the church is not a member of the Downtown Association, that could be the cause for the lack of communication. Mr. Hutton suggested amending the routing procedure to include any churches that may be affected by the street closure.
    Mr. Hutton made the motion that the requests be approved as written. The motion was seconded by Mr. Coffman and approved unanimously by voice vote.

(B)     Intra-departmental transfer of funds.
    Report accepted.

(C)     Beautification plan for Route B.
    Mr. Beck pointed out some ballot issue money had been set aside for beautification work on roadways. He explained that the Council established a policy as to how much money would be spent on differently classified streets. He thought there would be approximately $100,000 left in the five-year plan. In an effort to expand resources, the Office of Volunteer Services works to get these spots adopted. Mr. Beck commented that he and Mayor Hindman attended a state meeting in which they requested planters on Route B, and the widening project north of Business Loop 70. He said there was a sizable planter built just south of the US Interchange as a result of that request plus some island work. At the meeting, MoDOT indicated that local governments should actually provide the maintenance and materials for these planters.
    Mr. Janku said this is apparently state right-of-way, not City property, but everyone thinks it belongs to the City because our rail line is there. He said the planters look nice, but when you drive into the City on Route B, the stretch between the road and the railroad looks very bad. He suggested the planting of wild flowers or native plants, something that does not require a lot of expensive maintenance.
    Mayor Hindman said in many communities, railroads are required to maintain their right-of-way up to that community's standards. He thought that might be implemented in Columbia as well. Mayor Hindman asked if the City could consult with the state department's expert on wild flowers along roadways. He said there are wild flowers along Stadium that look very nice.
    Mr. Hutton made the motion that staff be directed to proceed with the project as outlined in the report, and also direct staff to bring back potential options for minimal maintenance improvements to the landscaping, but would not be cost prohibitive to maintain. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku.
    Mr. John asked what a Level One area was. Mr. Beck explained it to be a high use roadway, like an arterial street or urban highway. Mr. John asked if $4,000 was the most the City would spend on such an area. Mr. Beck said that was correct. Mr. John said this project is much more than that by quite a bit. He spoke of his support for beautification on major entryways, but quite frequently there is a need for another $50,000 to make improvements in a park-like manner. Mr. John believed these planters should become part of Parks and Recreation's responsibility. Mayor Hindman disagreed.
    The motion by Mr. Hutton, seconded by Mr. Janku, was approved unanimously by voice vote.

(D)     Role of the Substance Abuse Advisory Commission.
    Mayor Hindman suggested that the Council plan a work session on the issue. Mr. John proposed that they discuss it at a pre-Council dinner meeting. It was decided it would be discussed in August.

(E)     Report on collector streets without street lights.
    Mr. Malon noted that the Council had talked about this issue at the retreat. Per their request, the report contains a listing of collector streets without street lights. Mr. Malon noted that several of the streets would be expensive and time consuming to light, i.e., West Broadway where there are no poles. However, other projects like the one on Southampton would be quite easy. He submitted that his department would be amenable to provide more detailed estimates. Mr. Malon reported the way it currently works, the Water and Light Utility does the capital investment and installation of the lights, and then there is a fixed charge for energy and maintenance per light that is charged against the general fund. As the lights are installed, he said the costs to the general fund will increase also. Mr. Malon noted that the Energy & Environment Commission had made a recommendation on street lighting about a year ago, and a change was made to use full cut off fixtures in residential areas. He pointed out that these fixtures do not splash any light back on the sidewalk. Mr. Malon remarked that if this type of lighting is installed, people could be disappointed with the lack of such on the sidewalk. However, that is the current City standard per Council direction.
    Mayor Hindman said in some places where those fixtures are used, little lights are actually included that go out over the sidewalk. He asked if that could be considered. Mr. Malon supposed that it could, but it would raise the price a bit.
    Mr. John asked if there was anything in between an unshielded bulb and a full cut off. On collector streets, Mr. Malon explained that they use cobra head fixtures which come in different lighting patterns. He said they try to use ones that splash the light up and down the street and have some back light behind them. With the full cut off fixtures, the light is inside the fixture and there is not any glass hanging below the actual fixture itself -- the light is focused straight down on the street. He stated these are perfectly good fixtures and they work well. Mr. John asked for the cost per street and some recommendations or options on the types of fixtures that should be used. He did not want to see streets lit up like daylight 24 hours per day, however, he also did not want to waste money on full cut offs that will not really accomplish anything.
    Mr. Coffman said it would be helpful to see the different light patterns available with the cobra head fixtures. Mr. Malon said that could be done.
    Mr. John made the motion that staff be directed to come back with costs for each project, and along with it have some alternatives on lights and information regarding their patterns in order to help the Council with their decisions.
    Mr. Janku asked how much staff time it would take to come up with the rough cost estimates. Mr. Malon replied it would take probably another month to get a report back because some of the jobs are large and they will have to be measured out. He noted the West Broadway stretch from Fairview to Scott Boulevard would have to be surveyed. Mr. Janku wondered if the Council wanted staff to invest that much time on a project that may not happen for another ten years. Mr. Malon remarked that if there were one or two projects the Council would want to place a high priority on, they could address those first and then come back later with the rest. Mr. Loveless suggested the Council pick one or two areas that would be representative.
    Mr. John said he would prioritize Southampton, Old 63 south of Stadium, and Nifong and Buttonwood.
    Mr. Hutton referred to Brown Station Road and whether this was the portion of it that was just improved. Mr. Malon said it was. Mr. Hutton asked why lighting was not addressed at the time of the road improvements. Mr. Patterson responded lighting is never included in contracted street improvement projects -- it is generally done afterwards. He believed the absence of lighting indicates the Council's desire at the time.
    Mr. Janku agreed with Mr. John on prioritizing Old 63. He noted there are new apartments being constructed which could generate a fair amount of traffic. Mr. Coffman said he would start south of Stadium. Mr. Janku agreed.
    Mr. Loveless believed West Broadway is a high priority area as well.
    The motion to prioritize, made by Mr. John, was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

(F)     Proposed Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) area expansion.
    Mr. Beck explained that at the Council Retreat there had been a presentation as to the status of the Neighborhood Response Team. He reported the program was patterned after an initiative that was followed when the City worked with the Housing Authority back in the mid to late 80's wherein a committee was appointed to address issues in the area. He stated the goal of the program is to assist neighborhoods in helping themselves. Mr. Beck noted that per Council's request, a neighborhood specialist has been hired. He indicated that staff proposes an expansion of the area. He commented that the program does not take away from community policing activities.
    Ms. Crayton explained the Worley Street Project, which is a spin-off of the NRT program. She said this project draws residents from other neighborhoods, businesses and civic groups. Volunteers come in and assist residents at the top of the citation list. In the past two months, she explained that they have worked on 12 houses. Ms. Crayton was hopeful to find some people that could help write grants.
    Mr. Janku asked if there was still a waiting list for the Home Ownership program. Mr. Dudark responded that staff is working with 21 home owners presently. He reported that bids were opened on four of the homes, and there are four others that are being bid now. Thirteen are yet to be helped. Mr. Janku asked how much money would be left after the initial eight are taken care of. Mr. Dudark said they did 18 homes last year at an average cost of $20,000 for a total of $360,000 on rehabs. Mr. Janku asked where they were with the 2001 allocation. Mr. Dudark said the Council did not allocate any CDBG funds for rehabilitation last year, only HOME funds were used. He remarked they will probably exhaust the HOME funds by the end of the year. Mr. Janku requested that they monitor the account. Mr. Dudark said they would give the Council an update on the status of funds when they bring forward the budget. He explained they have emergency funds in the code enforcement program to do things like roofs without completely rehabilitating the whole house.
    Ms. Crayton made the motion that the NRT area be expanded per the report. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

(G)     Report on Public Works operations, maintenance facility area.
    Since the last meeting, Mr. Beck explained that the Council had been given a tour of the Grissum area. He noted that efforts to acquire the Trent property were terminated and discussions have taken place with other property owners. Mr. Beck said the problem has yet to be resolved.
    Mr. Patterson reported there have been misconceptions about the City taking property and evicting people. He reiterated that was not the City's intent. He said staff has simply tried to identify properties that they believed, from an operational standpoint, made sense to expand into at some point.

(H)     Street closure request for Summerfest.
    Mr. Beck explained that this request involved closing off North Ninth Street from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on July 20th. Included in the request is a proposal for erecting a temporary fence across North Ninth Street for a beer/wine garden.
    Mr. Janku suggested putting the issue on the next agenda so public comments could be heard on it. Mr. John said if the Council were to do that, the applicant would have no time to prepare for the event. He commented if the Council approved the request, they could see how things go and if it turns out to be a bad idea, they would not approve additional requests of the same nature. Mr. Coffman agreed, saying it could be used as an experiment. Mayor Hindman noted the Council routinely grants similar requests for neighborhood parties on cul-de-sacs. Mr. Janku pointed out that this request involves downtown businesses selling alcohol to people. He said it is not a neighborhood get together, but a business activity.
    Mr. Hutton observed that the Fire and Police Departments objected to the semi-permanent fence for the 40 x 40 beer garden.
    Mr. John said if the Council were to table the request to the next meeting, they would essentially be denying it. Mr. Janku wondered if there was any reason why the applicant could not hold the event in August. He noted they wanted to schedule the event between the two Twilight Festivals before the students come back to town.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that the issue be put on the agenda for the next meeting. The motion was seconded by Mr. Crayton and approved by voice vote.


    Ms. Crayton asked about an issue regarding a wheelchair-bound constituent who could not get her chair to the street. Mr. Patterson said staff would try to submit a report at the next meeting. He added that they have spent many hours trying to accommodate the needs without blocking the drainage way to the street. Suggestions have been made, but the individual thought these to be too expensive. Mr. Patterson indicated staff would identify options in a report to the Council.

    Mr. Janku reported a situation in Arcadia where homeowners are being affected by storm water runoff which has increased significantly due to the development of an adjacent subdivision. He said some people are beginning to lose parts of their backyards. He thought at least one house was also being affected.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that staff be directed to look into the situation and hold discussions with the neighbors and developer to see what could be done using The Hamlet as a model.
    Mayor Hindman remarked that he is aware of several instances that have come up recently where there has been in-fill development with the net result of storm water problems for the existing structures.
    Mayor Hindman suggested a friendly amendment to Mr. Janku's motion by adding that the staff also look into what could be done to prevent these problems. Mr. Janku accepted the amendment.
    Mr. Loveless asked if they were talking about storm water retention. Mayor Hindman said he was not sure, but it could be how high the foundations should be and establishing elevations.
    The motion, made by Mr. Janku, amended by Mayor Hindman, seconded by Mayor Hindman, was approved unanimously by voice vote.

    Mr. Janku mentioned that about a year ago the General Assembly passed legislation that would help cities collect parking fees or tickets that are owed them.  He said it involves assessing the fees along with personal property taxes.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that staff be directed to prepare an ordinance to implement the legislation locally. The motion was seconded by Mayor Hindman and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    Mr. Hutton commented that Boone Hospital requested that street signs be placed at Old 63 and Jack Estes Way, and Williams Street and Jack Estes Way. It was noted that Jack Estes Way was a private street. Mr. Patterson said the City has provided signs before on private streets, but the requester has paid for them. Mr. Hutton said he would have the Hospital contact Mr. Patterson.

    Mr. Hutton explained that he had been contacted about an issue in M-C zoning districts involving auto repair businesses. He said those facilities are not permitted in an M-C zone, and the request was made to amend the ordinance to permit it.
    Mr. Hutton made the motion that staff be directed to prepare an amendment to the zoning ordinance that would allow motor vehicle repair facilities in an M-C zone provided that all repairs shall take place within an enclosed building. He further asked that after the legislation is prepared, that it be sent directly to Planning and Zoning for their public hearing and comments back to the Council in the interest of time.
    Mr. Janku asked about the storage of the vehicles after they are repaired. Mr. Hutton stated that the M-C district addresses storage. He pointed out that it also requires a lot of screening. Mr. Janku suggested that they consider making it a conditional use.
    The motion made by Mr. Hutton was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    Mr. Loveless asked that Sr. Joanne Schmidt be contacted at the Benedictine Monastery at 3710 West Broadway about the storm water problem they are experiencing because of storm water runoff from Johnson Farms. He also requested that staff report back on options while considering when the other tract to the west of the property is developed, it will run down the same watershed.

    Mr. John said he had been contacted by a resident on El Cortez regarding speeding traffic. Because of the construction on Nifong, he said the street is being used as a cut through. Residents are requesting some type of traffic calming device.
    Mr. John made the motion that the staff be directed to report back with a recommendation. The motion was seconded by Mr. Coffman and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    Mr. John wondered why now the City could seemingly send recycling to St. Louis for less than what Civic Recycling was charging for it. He asked that the budget item be examined again to see whether or not we are going down the right path. Mr. Patterson saw the real issue as being the City's ultimate direction in regards to recycling and material recovery. He noted the City was certainly limited by Civic on what we could get into as far as the recovery of materials. Mr. Patterson agreed this is a legitimate question because dollars are attached to every activity we undertake. He suggested bringing back updated information on it. He remarked it is the Council's prerogative to change direction on it at any time. Mr. Patterson explained the City is currently paying less for recycling because there are more options available now then when we contracted with Civic. If the Council chooses to move forward and increase material recovery, he said the transportation and handling costs of trying to transport it someplace else would soon overcome the current temporary savings we have.
    Mayor Hindman asked the status in regards to the construction of the materials recovery building. Mr. Patterson replied the facility is currently being advertised for bids. He noted this building is essential even if the City does not proceed with full processing of materials as it will be used for staging, collecting and detention. The design of the building will allow it to be capable of mechanical processing, but it can be used immediately as a storage, sorting and transporting location. Mr. Patterson indicated that staff believes the facility should grow into what it needs to be rather than jump in and spend five or six million dollars.

    Mr. Coffman commented on the popularity of the Twilight Festival. He had heard several comments about closing some of the streets during the event. Ideally, he thought this is something that should be worked out with the Downtown Business Association, but thought perhaps the Council could initiate some discussions and have appropriate departments talk with the group about how it could be done in a way that would maintain public safety.
    Mayor Hindman agreed the Festival would be even better if streets could be closed. He told the Director of the Special Business District as much, and had indicated to her that the Council would support such a street closure if it was acceptable with the downtown group. Ms. Gartner said she would meet with the downtown business owners and relay this information to them. Mayor Hindman reported that he had not heard back from her and did not know if she had met with resistence or what became of the discussions. Mr. Coffman noted there were some business owners at the Festival who were in support of closing certain streets and they were collecting signatures on a petition for such. He noted the petition was addressed to the Council, so he assumed they would be seeing something shortly. Mr. Coffman understood the downtown businesses were split on the issue.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that the Council formally express their interest in exploring the idea of some limited street closure during the upcoming Twilight Festival. The motion was seconded by Mayor Hindman and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    Mayor Hindman said he has been considering the idea of a single telephone number for City customer service calls. He said that Chicago has a 311 number for all city services. He had information on their system which he passed to the City Manager. Mayor Hindman suggested the City of Columbia look into such a system.

    In regards to grant funding, Mayor Hindman said he had visited with a grants department while recently in Detroit. He handed Mr. Beck a 2002 grants catalog. He thought the City should be considering what can be done to obtain more of these funds. Mayor Hindman related that Detroit is able to offer impressive after-school activities that are supported by grants.

    Mayor Hindman spoke about problems with the sidewalk along Old 63 in that the sidewalk is not wide enough in the sections where the guardrails are located. He was concerned about students riding their bikes on the walks when the apartments are finished. Mr. Coffman added that he continues to receive complaints about debris on that same stretch of road. Mayor Hindman asked that staff look into the situation. He said there is also a need for a safe crossing at this location.

    Sara Thomas, 1400 Lakeview, said she was not interested in selling her house to the City. Ms. Thomas was under the impression she was being forced to sell her property for the expansion of the Grissum Building facilities.
    Mayor Hindman said the notion that the City was going to force her to sell her property was simply not true.
    Mr. Patterson said it is not the City's intent to put anyone out of their home. He thought it was reasonable that at some point, because the property around Ms. Thomas' is being zoned commercial, the use would not be residential. To his knowledge, Mr. Patterson said the City Council has never forced anyone to sell their home and move out of it. He indicated the City has identified areas that at some point would be useful for operation expansion, but not with any intention of moving someone out of their house.
    Ms. Thomas asked that she be sent a letter verifying that the City will not put her out of her home. Although the whole idea is totally baseless, Mayor Hindman said if it would reassure Ms. Thomas, a letter could be sent. Mr. Patterson stated he would send a letter to that effect.

    Gary D. Holmes (Weird Beard), 2001 Holly, #123, suggested that the kids wandering the streets over the summer take trash bags with them to collect the litter they encounter along the way.

    C.K. Hoenes, 1901 Tremont, spoke to the earlier report added to the agenda regarding the street closure on North Ninth Street. He remarked that Mr. John was correct in that if the issue is tabled to the next meeting, they would have to cancel the festival because that would give them only three days to put it together. Mr. Hoenes said as the bands will have to be booked in advance of the event, the businesses will be out their deposit money if the Council declines the street closure request. Mayor Hindman asked if the event could be moved to the next week. Mr. Hoenes indicated that it could not as July 20th is the only date the participating businesses do not have something planned. He noted that he had been under the direction of the SBD Director on the timeliness of his submission. He said it was out of his control when the Council actually received the request.
    Mr. Hoenes explained that the beer/wine garden will be no larger than a little patio area so as to control people with open containers. In addition, alcoholic beverages will only be available in this area. He explained they want to contain people to this area because of the problems in the past with the Pub Crawl and Saturday football games.
    Ms. Crayton thought that if Mr. Hoenes submitted the application in a timely manner, it was not fair to him that the Council was just now seeing it.
    Mr. Hoenes said his submission to the director had not been two months ago, rather, his conversation with the association regarding dates and times had been. He agreed it was not right to rush the Council with this request.
    Mayor Hindman made the motion that the Council reconsider the issue. The motion was seconded by Ms. Crayton.
    Mr. Coffman did not have a problem with the festival and he thought the main concern was access for emergency vehicles. Mr. Hoenes indicated the barricade could be moved on a moment's notice in order for emergency vehicles to get through, but would be secure enough that people cannot climb over it. He said there would be security in the area.
    Mr. Janku asked what kind of security would be provided. Mr. Hoenes said employees from the participating businesses would be present -- they do not plan on hiring professional security guards. Although, they would be open to ideas if the Council feels it should be handled differently. Mr. Janku explained that crowds used to be a problem on football Saturdays. He noted downtown has really improved since then and there have been lots of issues regarding enforcement. Mr. Hoenes said he was very appreciative of the open container law and that he is in full support of it. He said it becomes virtually impossible to control people leaving establishments with an open container and this was their way of controlling it. Mr. Hoenes reiterated that all the participating establishments agreed to not sell alcohol out of their businesses that night. It will only be sold in the contained area.
    Mr. Janku asked if the Council granted this waiver, whether they would be setting a binding precedent. Mr. Boeckmann responded if the event is allowed and there are no problems, then the next time someone makes the same request the Council would be hard-pressed to oppose it.
    Mr. John noted that the Fire Department stipulated they would like to have a clear and accessible area of not less than 11 feet wide for emergency vehicles. He asked if the beer garden could be laid out in such a way to leave a clear path. Mr. Hoenes responded affirmatively. He reported this festival will be geared to the 30 and over crowd. He said the performing bands would be those that have been booked at the Twilight Festival.
    The motion to reconsider the issue, made by Mayor Hindman, seconded by Ms. Crayton, was approved unanimously by voice vote.
    Mr. Coffman made the motion that the street closure be approved upon the condition that the applicant can assure the Fire Department's request for an 11 foot access, and that open containers be allowed within the beer/wine garden area.
    Mr. Loveless understood that after 10 p.m. no alcoholic beverages would be served. Mr. Hoenes replied that was correct, nor would there be any bands after that time. Mr. Loveless asked if the restricted area would be torn down and off the street by 11 p.m. Mr. Hoenes verified that statement.
    Mr. Coffman wanted to ensure that if this request was approved, that it would be done so experimentally.
    The motion made by Mr. Coffman was seconded by Mr. John and approved by voice vote.

    The meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Penny St. Romaine
                                                                                                City Clerk