JULY 5, 2000

    The City Council of the City of Columbia, Missouri met for a regular meeting at 7:00 p.m., on Wednesday, July 5, 2000, in the Council Chamber of the City of Columbia, Missouri. The roll was taken with the following results: Council members CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, and CROCKETT were present. The City Manager, City Counselor, City Clerk, and various Department Heads were also present.

    The minutes of the regular meeting of June 19, 2000, were approved unanimously by voice vote on a motion made by Mr. Campbell and a second by Mrs. Crockett.

    Mayor Hindman announced that R136-00 and R137-00 would be added under the Consent Agenda.
    The agenda, as amended, including the Consent Agenda, was approved unanimously by voice vote on a motion made by Mr. Campbell and a second by Mrs. Crockett.



B195-00     Rezoning property located on the west side of Old 63, approximately 700 feet south of Grindstone
                   Creek from A-1 and C-1 to C-P.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that the request on this 1.6 acre tract was recommended for approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission on a 5-2 vote. He noted the staff initially recommended denial of this request, however, after the public hearing at the Commission meeting and the subsequent discussion, they are no longer opposed to the request.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    Harriet Francis, an attorney with VanMatre and Harrison, spoke on behalf of Roger Berg, the contract purchaser for the property. She explained that the planned commercial zone the applicant is seeking includes an extremely limited commercial use restricting it only to photographic services and accessory retail sales that go along with those services.
    Roger Berg, a Columbia resident since 1960, explained that he started his own portrait studio at Vandiver Square Shopping Center in 1992. He remarked that his son recently joined him in the business and expressed an interest in a more permanent location for such. Mr. Berg explained that he and his son are both staunch environmentalists and their intention is to construct a rather small building that would have minimal impact on the area. He reported the proposal includes an approximate 3,000 square foot building to allow for the production of photographs. He noted all the print work would be done digitally and they have no intention of using a photo lab of any kind.
    Mr. Berg commented the concept for the new business would be less of a retail business and more of a display photographic gallery. By displaying work in an art gallery environment, he indicated they felt they would have the potential of printing the photographs and reproductions of paintings for the commercial decor market. He stated they would still be doing family portraits. Mr. Berg noted that they are also in the business of reproducing digital reproductions of fine art, and most of their customers would be commercial customers like interior designers. He stated this location for the proposed studio would provide the perfect back drop for outdoor environmental portraits, and the construction of a deck is planned around the back side of the studio. In addition, he pointed out that his son wants to reserve the right to eventually build himself a home on the south side of the property at a later date.
    Bruce Goebel, an architect with offices at 33 E. Broadway, distributed to the Council a concept drawing. He stated that only 40% of the property would be developed. The proposed studio will be located on the north side of the property consisting of two levels that will fit with the grades of the site. He explained the building will be situated between the rather large trees and the park on the west side. Mr. Goebel indicated they are willing to work with staff on low level lighting and maybe some alternative pavement types to reduce drainage.
    Mr. Campbell asked if the decks are included within the foot print of the building. Mr. Goebel replied it would be in addition to the foot print.
    Mr. Janku asked about the parking and how people could differentiate between the public and private lots. Mr. Goebel responded that would have to be worked out. He explained the trade off -- if the lots were connected, that would increase the amount of hard surface on the site. Mr. Janku asked if the applicant has rights to two access points on Old 63. Mr. Goebel indicated that was correct.
    Mr. Coffman asked if most of the storm water would discharge down to 63. Mr. Goebel responded that all storm water would run to the creek, but at 40% development, the runoff should not be an issue. Mr. Coffman asked about the sewer line location. He was told the engineer would respond to that question.
    Mr. Janku assumed the decks would be ground level decks. Mr. Goebel said he did not see a flying buttress deck out the back. He said those kinds of things would come back with the plan.
    Dan Brush, an engineer with Brush and Associates, said that sanitary sewers would need to be extended to the site. He said they have identified two different locations for the sewer to come up, depending upon the type of sewer and the amount of clearing and grading to take place. Mr. Brush indicated they would work with City staff on the most appropriate location. He noted the plan would require that there be some pavement and roof surface drainage.
    Mr. Coffman said he had heard the sewer would not have to be taken down the hill and into the park or down to the creek - that there might be another way under the road. Mr. Brush said there were two alternates proposed; a pressure sewer system that would not have to be laid on a specific grade or alignment, the second system would have to be laid on a specific grade and alignment -- a basic gravity sewer system. The latter would be the one that goes straight down the creek to the end of the park. Mr. Coffman asked if the potential buyers had expressed a preference. Mr. Brush said they had not done an analysis as to which would be better, nor had they visited with the staff about which they would prefer to maintain and have access to.
    Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    Mr. Beck asked if the City would be maintaining the pressure sewer line. He requested that this issue be spelled out when the plan comes back.
    The consensus of the Council was that this is the best plan they have seen for this tract, and that any questions could be addressed at the time the plan is presented.
    B195-00 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

A.     Improvements to Flat Branch Park.
    Item A was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck noted that this project would expand the park area about one-half acre on the north side, toward Broadway along Fourth Street. The plan calls for the removal of 29 parking spaces and the development of a green area with walkway, benches, lighting, fencing, and landscaping.
    Mr. Hood explained that the staff has worked closely with members of the Trailhead Committee and the architect to develop this proposed plan for the expansion of Flat Branch Park. He said it would include the area currently occupied by the existing City parking lot. The proposal would convert the majority of the site to open green space to be accessed through a series of walkways with benches, park lighting, and an ornamental fence (brick and metal) along the north side to separate it from the existing private parking lot. Mr. Hood reported this proposal is compatible with the original park plan which features a gazebo, open space, and a seating area long the creek. He also remarked that a portion of the project involves the restoration and clean-up of the creek. The estimated cost of the proposed expansion is $120,910, which includes $5,600 for removal or demolition of the parking lot, an allowance of approximately $46,000 for clean-up of any remaining contaminated soil, and $57,818 for development costs. The total estimated cost also includes a 10% contingency on the whole project.
    Regarding available funding, Mr. Hood said the Trailhead Committee continues to raise donations toward the project. He noted that $124,000 has previously been appropriated for the project. Mr. Hood reported the Committee has now collected an additional $36,900 in donations. Furthermore, staff just received notice that the stream restoration portion of the project has been approved for a storm water improvement grant in an amount up to $90,000. If contaminated soil is encountered and clean-up is needed, Mr. Hood spoke about the potential for some of that cost to be reimbursed through the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund.
    Mr. Campbell wondered about the on-going maintenance costs for the restrooms, gazebo, etc. He asked if Mr. Hood's budget has been adjusted to cover those expenses. Mr. Hood responded the maintenance of the area will be the responsibility of his department and he anticipated staff would frequent this area on a regular basis. During the summer, he believed it would be at least on a daily basis. Mr. Hood explained there are assigned clean up crews, and the cost for the maintenance Mr. Campbell spoke about would come out of this budget. He did not have a projected figure on the increased costs, but indicated staff is prepared to ensure the park is properly maintained. Mr. Campbell believed the additional cost would be substantial.
    Mrs. Crockett asked if the restrooms would be locked at night or if they would be open 24 hours per day. Mr. Hood said the restrooms would most likely be open 24 hours per day. He indicated that it is staff's recommendation that they be bid as an alternate so a decision has not been made as to whether or not they will be built. Mr. Hood pointed out one concern about locking the restrooms is that staff would have to be available in the evening to lock them. He noted that other restrooms throughout the park system are not locked at night.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    John Ott, 212 Bingham, Chair of the MKT Trailhead Committee, said the compromise that occurred between the Chamber and the Committee, with the help of a few Council members, was a good solution. He believed the new parking structure would serve the park well, in addition to the 43 parking spaces that are available on Fourth Street -- adjacent to the park. He noted that the compromise also provides for parking in the second phase of the park. Mr. Ott thanked the Council for their support of the project.
    Mike Shirk, Chair of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, commented the Chamber is very excited about the plan and they believe it will meet the needs of the Committee and also the current and future parking needs for the Chamber, REDI, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Mr. Shirk noted that the Chamber Board is in full support of this project.
    Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    Mayor Hindman referred to this project as the fruit of a successful compromise suggested by Council Member John. He believed it would be a great addition to the community.
    Mr. Janku thought the potential for this park to host public events would be similar to that of the Court House Square.
    Mr. John noted that the conflict for parking between the area businesses and the park users should be minimized due to the different types of uses generated by those groups. He pointed out that the parking garage is expandable.
    Mr. Campbell commented that he is supportive of more green space in the downtown area, but noted that in a time of tight budgets and limited staff, this will be a significant undertaking for the Parks and Recreation staff and an extensive use of personnel. He believed it was something the City should budget for and be aware of the costs associated with such and accept them.
    Mayor Hindman made the motion that the staff be directed to proceed. The motion was seconded by Ms. Crayton and approved unanimously by voice vote.

B.     Development of a Community Recreation Center
    Item B was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that a few weeks ago, a public presentation had been made on the proposed plan for the new Recreation Center to be constructed at the intersection of Ash Street and Clinkscales. He pointed out that the land is centrally located and was purchased by the City some time ago, with half of the property being donated and dedicated by Ron and Vicki Shy. Mr. Beck stated the City was very appreciative of their generous donation. He noted that a ballot issue had extended the one-fourth of one percent sales tax to fund this estimated $10.5 million project.
    Mr. Hood introduced the architectural team of Peckham and Wright, who have been working with the staff in designing the Community Recreation Center, and two members of Sverdrup CRSS, the lead firm on the design team.
    Reed Voorheis, lead designer with Sverdrup, presented the schematic design for the new Community Recreation Center. He spoke about the site development plans, the building program and floor plans, as well as the building exterior and cost estimate for the project.
    Mr. Voorheis reported the site itself consists of about 19.5 acres. He explained that the team looked at the different aspects of the property in respect to vehicular, pedestrian and bus access to the site, the location relative to the community and adjacent properties, the orientation of the building on the property, and the possible future expansion of the building.
    Mr. Voorheis commented on the different floor plans that were displayed to the audience. He noted the intent is to keep as much green space as possible on the property. Mr. Voorheis reported the building program was pretty much defined from the citizens survey that was taken some time ago, in addition to the work by the building committee that invested numerous hours into this project. The main components include a sizable indoor aquatic center, a gymnasium, multi-purpose space, a game room, a babysitting room, offices for the facility, and a flexible fitness area. Mr. Voorheis said they also looked at some expanded program areas that would be contingent upon additional funds coming from outside sources. He indicated all the components are geared toward a facility that everyone in the community can enjoy.
    For the exterior of the building, Mr. Voorheis reported they prefer to utilize materials relevant to the area and the City, so they are looking at brick, simulated stone, metal roofs, and tinted glass. He listed cost estimates for the base package and estimates for the expanded facility.
    Mr. Janku commented on Fenton, Missouri's new aquatic center that also has an outdoor pool. He asked whether the indoor pool could be expanded to include an outdoor pool. Mr. Voorheis responded that option had been considered and it was thought that was something that could be accomplished. He explained there could be a direct tie to the two pools so the user could go from the outdoor pool to the indoor pool. Mr. Voorheis noted one concern is that the outdoor pool would be located on a very prominent corner of the property and would be utilized only three months out of the year, so for nine months out of the year it would not be the most attractive thing to have on this corner. He indicated there was a discussion about another portion of the site being better suited for an outdoor facility. Mr. Janku asked if things could be shifted a bit on the site to allow for future expansion to the south. Mr. Voorheis said they have allowed for expansion to the north, but whether that is additional gymnasium space or other space is undefined. He said there is room to the north and west to expand off of the building. Mr. Janku feared they were closing options for adding programs because of the proximity to Ash Street. He believed it made more sense to have the pools linked together in terms of equipment, etc. Mr. Voorheis commented his firm is currently working on a facility that has both an indoor and outdoor pool that are not connected. He stated the facilities are located in a park, but there is a relative distance between the two.
    Mr. John noted that the game and babysitting rooms are not located in controlled areas and people would be able to come and go from both places without passing a desk. He saw that as an invitation to potential problems. Mr. Voorheis explained that the babysitting area would have its own control within the room (its own desk). He noted that the control desk will be adjacent to both areas because these are areas both in need of visibility and control. Mr. Voorheis pointed out the building has been laid out around the control desk so staff can see directly into the game room, while still being able to monitor the babysitting area. He noted the office area is also adjacent to the babysitting area. Mr. Voorheis explained the reasoning for pulling the control desk back was to allow for more of a community facility. By doing that, he illustrated that people are allowed to come into the building without paying or being members and can use a lot of the spaces within the building, i.e., the lounge area and game room. In addition, Mr. Voorheis stated many of the multi-purpose functions will take place with people that are non-members. It was thought that by supplying a space where people can come in and not have to pay gives the facility more of a community feel.
    Mayor Hindman opened the public hearing.
    Henry Lane, 1816 E. Broadway, noted that the Stephens Lake issue was not in the works when the Recreation Center was voted on. He suggested selling the old fairgrounds property and using that money toward the purchase of the Stephens Lake property. Mr. Lane suggested that the Council wait to proceed with this plan until after November to see what the outcome is with the Stephens property.
    Greg Steinhoff, 5708 Sundance, Co-Chair of the Community Recreation Committee, reported that they are continuing to work as a committee with the consultants. He noted the Committee has attended a number of meetings to ensure that what was presented to the voters is consistent with what is put into the plans. Mr. Steinhoff remarked there is also a group working to raise funds for the expanded facility. He explained the Committee is also soliciting help from other organizations that may be able to utilize the recreation center. He indicated the Committee is always open to suggestions regarding programming and design.
    Mary Ann Holmstrom, 1201 Paquin, noted this issue was passed by the voters and the City should proceed with the project.
    Mayor Hindman closed the public hearing.
    Mr. Campbell commended everyone for their hard work. Mayor Hindman added that this project is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work by a lot of people. Mrs. Crockett was hopeful the Community Recreation Committee would be able to raise, if not all of the funds, at least enough for the second basketball court.
    Mayor Hindman made the motion that staff should proceed with the detailed design of the facility. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

R117-00     Authorizing an amendment to the agreement with The Curators of the University of Missouri for use
                   of Simmons Baseball Field.
    The resolution was read by the Clerk.
    Following the discussion at the last Council meeting, Mr. Hood commented that staff discussed this issue with representatives of both the University's Athletic Department and their Business Office. Both offices have indicated a willingness to accept a revision to the proposed amendment which would establish the per game use charge at $35 for the remainder of this year, and increase the charge to $50 per game beginning in the year 2001 until the end of the agreement, unless further amendments are passed at a later date. The difference between the per game use charge and the $200 estimated cost of the University would be credited toward an earlier termination of the agreement -- earlier than the 25 year original period.
    Mr. Hood indicated he discussed the $200 per game estimated cost with the Athletic Department and this fee assessment whether one or two games are played. He explained that this year, there are a lot of double headers being played; however, the University felt the $200 per game charge is based on their overall cost pro-rated against the total number of games the City plays. Mr. Hood noted the City usually plays between 30 to 35 games per year. He stated the University was firm on the $200 per game cost.
    Mr. Hood reported that staff believes the amendment would allow the City to continue to use the field for the next five to six years as the agreement is currently structured. If it is not amended, he said the only option the City would have is to terminate the agreement and ask for reimbursement of our investment.
    Mr. Coffman asked what the demand might be at the $50 amount. Mr. Hood responded that staff believes the same number of games per year will continue to be programmed. He explained this year, the adult baseball league was placed at Simmons Field and that league is going pretty well. Mr. Hood stated this league consists of six teams, and they will be a logical candidate to continue use of the field in the future. He said if it does not, staff has received several inquiries from other associations as to the need for a full size baseball field.
    Mr. Janku asked if the University essentially wants to get out of the agreement as soon as possible. Mr. Hood believed the University is anticipating that at the end of the 25 years, the City would not be continuing use of the field. If the agreement is terminated sooner, he did not think they would be too concerned. Mr. Hood explained that the University does acknowledge that they have a 25 year commitment with the City and they are trying to honor it. Mr. Janku remarked that lights cost a lot of money, and perhaps the City would be better off trying to recover some of the funds and light a field somewhere else. Mr. Hood indicated that issue has been discussed, but the problem right now is that the City does not have any fields of that size that could be lit - which would necessitate building a new field from scratch.
    Mr. Campbell commented that Simmons Field is a fine facility and he thought the City is getting a bargain. Based on the per player cost per game, that translates to a very small amount.
    Mr. John thanked the staff for looking into the situation. At some point, he believed the City would have to look at our needs to determine whether or not a full size, lighted baseball field is required.
    Mr. John made the motion that they substitute the agreement in the packet with the original Exhibit A. The motion was seconded by Mr. Campbell and approved unanimously by voice vote.
    The vote on R117-00 was recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Resolution declared adopted, reading as follows:

B189-00     Amending Chapter 14 of the City Code to prohibit through truck traffic on Riviera Drive from Smiley
                   Lane to Langham Drive.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck said the staff looked into whether or not trucks should be prohibited going through the area. He said an alternate thoroughfare is being developed, but it is not yet in place. Mr. Beck noted that before the property was annexed into the City, there had been no through truck traffic signs posted.
    Mr. Campbell asked why this amendment is needed. Mr. Janku explained that the Council just approved a new subdivision plat immediately to the north of this subdivision called The Park. He said there are probably 100 lots that can easily be accessed off of Derby Ridge, but for some reason, the heavy construction trucks have been accessing those lots through The Arcadia subdivision. The second issue is long term -- a traffic calming issue. The truck traffic is largely going to the area directly to the north.
    B189-00 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B194-00     Authorizing annexation agreements with Louis Ray and Judith Yow, Charles Sims and James and
                   Kenda Bond.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this request is in accordance with a policy resolution adopted by the Council. He indicated that this area is not contiguous to the City and the property owners are not required to annex in order to connect to the City sewer system. Once the area becomes contiguous, Mr. Beck reported these individuals would need to voluntarily request annexation into the City.
    B194-00 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bill declared enacted, reading as follows:

B197-00     Approving the replat of Lot 16 of Wyatt Lane Acres, Plat 4 and all of Wyatt Lane Acres, Plat 5;
                   granting a variance to the Subdivision Regulations; authorizing a performance contract.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that the Planning and Zoning Commission approved this request on a four to two vote. He noted the Public Works staff has indicated a continued preference for not allowing direct connections onto Wyatt Lane.
    Mr. Patterson reiterated his previous objections in that although the applicant has attempted to address staff's concerns by combining driveways, they still have not reduced the number of residences that will have vehicles backing out on the road. He indicated this is the opportunity to apply the principles of access control from lessons they have learned on other streets such as Chapel Hill. Mr. Patterson reported that staff believed the original plat was a better arrangement and more conducive to good traffic management in the future.
    Ron Lueck, a land surveyor, explained that there are about two dozen driveways that have access onto Wyatt Lane Acres for that mile stretch. He pointed out this replat would add two more. Mr. Lueck offered to answer any questions.
    B197-00 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: NO ONE. VOTING NO: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. Bill defeated.

B198-00     Vacating street right of way and easements located within Wyatt Lane Acres Subdivision, Plat 5.
    The bill was given second reading by the Clerk.
    Mr. Hanson explained there is no need to proceed with this bill as it is tied into the last bill that did not pass.
    B198-00 was given third reading with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: NO ONE. VOTING NO: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. Bill defeated.

    The following bills were given second reading and the resolutions were read by the Clerk.

B190-00     Calling for bids for the construction of the pedestrian bridge for Phase 1 of the Bear Creek Trail.
B191-00     Vacating a sanitary sewer easement; accepting a new sanitary sewer easement located at the northeast
                   corner of Providence and Broadway.
B192-00     Correcting Ordinance No. 012531 that tax billed property for construction of North William Street.
B193-00     Accepting easements for utility purposes.
B196-00     Approving the final plat of Stonecrest Plat No. 1; authorizing a performance contract.
B199-00     Vacating part of a sewer easement located within Little Bear Industrial Park Subdivision.
B200-00     Authorizing an amendment to the FY 2000 HIV contract with the Missouri Department of Health.
R123-00     Setting a public hearing: construction of water main serving Arcadia Subdivision, Plat 6.
R124-00     Setting a public hearing: water main relocation for the Route AC highway project.
R125-00     Approving the preliminary plat of Equestrian Meadows.
R126-00     Transferring CDBG funds for COLT Railroad projects.
R127-00     Authorizing an agreement with Lincoln University for student nursing services.
R128-00     Authorizing an agreement with Central Missouri Association of the Education of Young Children, Inc.
                   to terminate the voluntary accreditation project contract.
R129-00     Authorizing an agreement with ChildCare Connection of Missouri, Inc. to terminate the substitute
                   teacher coordination project contract.
R136-00     Authorizing the City Manager to apply for a Missouri Community-Based Home Visiting grant.
R137-00     Authorizing Amendment No. 1 to the contract with the State of Missouri Department of Health for
                   family planning services.

    The bills were given third reading and the resolutions were read with the vote recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Bills declared enacted and resolutions declared adopted, reading as follows:

R130-00     Authorizing the Director of Public Works to sign documents associated with the Missouri Department
                   of Natural Resources Storm Water Grant.
    The resolution was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that Mr. Patterson believed this would help expedite the administration of the grants as it would allow him to sign the reimbursement requests.
    The vote on R130-00 was recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Resolution declared adopted, reading as follows:

R131-00     Authorizing an agreement with The Curators of the University of Missouri relating to the Senior
                   Games and the Show-Me State Games.
    The resolution was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this is an annual agreement the City has been budgeting resources for. He noted that these events bring in thousands of people over a three weekend period. Mr. Beck pointed out that the Show-Me State Games have become the largest organized games in the nation.
    The vote on R131-00 was recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Resolution declared adopted, reading as follows:

R132-00     Authorizing an emergency shelter grant contract with the Missouri Division of Family Services;
                   authorizing agreements with various social service organizations.
    The resolution was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that Columbia has been allocated the same funds as in previous years ($75,000). He asked Mr. Steinhaus to explain how the grant is administered through his office.
    Mr. Steinhaus reported these are pass through funds that come from the federal government to the state, then local municipalities can apply for them. He said they pass the funds on to three local emergency shelters that serve three distinct populations; homeless families and individuals through the Salvation Army, homeless veterans at Welcome Home, and abused and neglected women and children at the Comprehensive Human Services Shelter. Mr. Steinhaus noted this is the fourteenth year for this grant. The agencies submitted proposals to the Community Services Advisory Commission who reviewed them and decided how best to allocate the funds the City could apply for. He explained the City received full funding on this year's grant request. Mr. Steinhaus commented this resolution will allow acceptance of the grant and subcontracting with the three agencies mentioned previously.
    The vote on R132-00 was recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Resolution declared adopted, reading as follows:

R133-00     Authorizing an agreement with the Memorial Day Weekend - Salute to Veterans Corporation for the
                   2001 Air Show.
    The resolution was read by the Clerk.
    Mr. Beck explained that this agreement is similar to the others the City has had with them the last several years. He noted the Corporation has to submit their application for next year's event to the FAA by the end of July.
    Mr. Coffman asked if the Convention and Visitors Bureau participates in promoting the air show. He noted that the advertising for the air show is supposed to be the responsibility of the corporation. Mr. Beck indicated he did not know if the C&VB formally expends funds on the promotion of such. Mr. Coffman commented that he receives a number of complaints regarding the restrictions placed on the event, and the reasons given for such, on what otherwise would be free speech activity, is under the theory that the air show is a private event. He indicated that he informs those concerned individuals that the air show is not sponsored by the City and is not a government sponsored event. Mr. Coffman wanted to make sure the public understood this is not a government event.
    The vote on R133-00 was recorded as follows: VOTING YES: CAMPBELL, JOHN, COFFMAN, HINDMAN, CRAYTON, JANKU, CROCKETT. VOTING NO: NO ONE. Resolution declared adopted, reading as follows:

PR134-00     Establishing a policy and standards for pedestrian crossings.

PR135-00     Establishing a policy on requests for variances to requirements for construction of sidewalks along
                     unimproved streets.
    Both policy resolutions were read by the Clerk.
    Mayor Hindman explained that policy resolutions are read and held over to the next meeting for discussion and then subsequent action.

    The following bills were introduced by the Mayor, unless otherwise indicated, and all were given first reading:

B201-00     Authorizing construction of water main serving Arcadia Subdivision, Plat 6; authorizing payment of
                   differential costs; appropriating funds.
B202-00     Calling for bids for the water main relocation for the Route AC highway project; appropriating funds.
B203-00     Accepting easements for water utility purposes.
B204-00     Approving a right-of-use permit with Ameren UE for gas main installation at Grindstone Substation.
B205-00     Vacating a sewer right of way located within Pratt's Addition.
B206-00     Rezoning property located on the east side of Paris Road, between Mexico Gravel Road and U.S.
                   Highway 63 from M-C to C-P; approving the Northpoint Athletic Club C-P Development Plan.
B207-00     Approving the final plat of Pratt's Subdivision, Plat 2, a replat of part of Pratt's Addition.
B208-00     Approving the final plat of Northpoint Subdivision; authorizing a performance contract.
B209-00     Levying and assessing special assessments for abatement of nuisances.
B210-00     Accepting a grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety; appropriating funds.
B211-00     Authorizing agreements with the Columbia School District for the development of Field Elementary
                   School and Benton Elementary School playgrounds.
B212-00     Approving Change Order No. 1 to the contract with N-J Wilson Contracting related to the Scott
                   Boulevard improvement project; authorizing an agreement with Consolidated Public Water Supply
                   District No. 1.
B213-00     Authorizing the acquisition of easements to construct the Sunflower Street improvement project.
B214-00     Confirming the contract of Steve & Associates, Inc. for the construction of the Parkade Heights/
                   Creasy Springs Road drainage improvement project; appropriating funds.
B215-00     Confirming the contract of Don Schnieders Excavating, Inc. for construction of sidewalks along
                   sections of Curt Drive, Grant Lane, Bethel Road, Conley Road, Brickton Road, Trimble Road,
                   Grampian Drive and LaRail Drive; appropriating funds.

A.)     Intra-Departmental Transfer of Funds
    Report accepted

B.)     Sidewalk Policies and Issues
    Mr. Beck explained that the Council asked for a report on sidewalk policies and issues. The report deals with widths, sidewalks with new construction, and maximum sidewalk assessments. The report suggested if the Council wishes a different policy relating to the four foot standard walk, that this issue be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission. In regards to the necessity of sidewalks with new construction or major reconstruction work and whether such would be required, this issue should be referred to the Building Construction Codes Commission for a recommendation. The third issue relates to the maximum sidewalk assessment policy that has been established by the Council as it pertains to how much the City pays toward sidewalks in the community where replacement is deemed necessary. He indicated the policy sets forth how much the City and the property owner would pay for replacement of such. The question has been raised as to whether this issue should be readdressed due to the subsequent discussion during the West Broadway sidewalk project.
    Mayor Hindman said he was in favor of referring the issues to the appropriate bodies.
    Mr. John understood that Item A would be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Item B would be referred to the Building Construction Codes Commission, and Item C is something the Council would have to make a decision on. Mr. Campbell suggested holding Item C until Items A and B are resolved.
    Mr. Janku asked if the Building Construction Codes Commission would get to Item B relatively quickly. Mr. Patterson responded that he would not want to make any promises on their behalf, but thought they would probably be able to address it during the building code review process so it could be done fairly rapidly. Mr. Janku did not want to tie the issue up with the code revision process. Mr. Patterson indicated the Commission could address this as a separate issue, but because of the building code revisions, they will be meeting regularly. Mr. Patterson said he could report back to the Council as far as how quickly the Commission could deal with the issue.
    Mr. Campbell made the motion that the subject of sidewalk width be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission, sidewalks with new construction be referred to the Building Construction Codes Commission, and that Item C be tabled until the Council receives reports back from the other two groups. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Crockett and approved unanimously by voice vote.

C.)     Requested Improvements to Heather Lane
    Mr. Beck explained that Heather Lane is now a paper street and pointed out the issues involved outlined in Mr. Patterson's report. He asked the Council if there was any other information they needed on the issue, and whether they wanted to proceed with setting a public hearing on the matter.
    Mr. Janku noted that the memo mentions Biscayne Mall agreeing to construct Heather Lane at one point. He asked if that was an enforceable agreement. Mr. Beck said he doubted it. Mr. Janku asked how the closure of the Gatehouse Drive would occur. Mr. Patterson replied if staff is not able to work out a negotiated agreement, the City's only option would be to try to acquire the rights of access through eminent domain. He noted this alternative could be very expensive. Mr. Beck pointed out that raises the question of whether or not the Council wants to try to make that determination before or after a public hearing is set. Mr. Patterson indicated the issue is also complicated by the fact that the drive is on state right of way. He reported the City would actually have to acquire the right of way to prevent the access.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that the staff be directed to prepare the proper legislation to set a public hearing for the project. He further motioned that the owners of the Gatehouse Apartment complex be notified to find out what they would be willing to do. The motion was seconded by Mr. Campbell.
    Mr. Campbell asked if the resolution would include funding. Mr. Beck said the funding source would be indicated in the resolution. Mr. Patterson commented that right now their current funding source opportunities are the annual street and sidewalk program. He noted that this is a Community Development Block Grant eligible area which means there is a potential for use of CDBG funds if the Council feels it would be appropriate.
    The motion made by Mr. Janku, seconded by Mr. Campbell, was approved unanimously by voice vote.

D.)     Metro 2020
    Mr. Beck explained that this report summarizes the Council suggestions regarding changes for the 2020 Plan. He said the other report forwarded to the Council was one resulting in a meeting between the attorney representing some developers and staff regarding suggested changes to the plan. Another issue brought up was whether or not to designate the Stephens Lake property as undetermined. He noted that a public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, July 10th. Following the public hearing, Mr. Beck suggested that the Council may want to discuss publicly any changes they would like to see made, if any, as amendments to the plan. He explained then the plan could be brought back for final action.

E.)     Purchase of Property in City Hall Block
    Mr. Beck explained funding had been included in last year's budget for the purchase of the north half of the building facing Eighth Street (Gates Building). He noted that the City purchased the south half of the building at an earlier date. He stated the Council needs to make a motion to formally authorize the purchase.
    Mr. Campbell made the motion that the staff be directed to proceed with the purchase. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.

    The Mayor appointed the following individuals to the Library Board:

Bartlett, Bertrice, C., 1627 Wilson, Ward 6 - term to expire 6/30/03
Glaze, Marie A., 2209-A Creasy Springs, Ward 2 - term to expire 6/30/03
Hostetler, Lynn D., 1204 Hulen Drive, Ward 4 - term to expire 6/30/03

    Mrs. Crockett made the motion that the staff be directed to report back on the issue of lighting and crime. The motion was seconded by Mr. Janku and approved unanimously by voice vote.
    Mr. John noted that every time the City purchases property and builds on it, overhead is being added to the operations budget. Oftentimes, he believed when the City considers new projects, they think only about the cost of the acquisition of the property or the building of the facility, not in terms of how much will be spent over a 25 year period to maintain it. Mr. John stated that funds spent on maintaining such would probably be as much as the actual acquisition and subsequent construction of the project. He asked that the City keep in mind that when they add to their own infrastructure, that streets take maintenance, buildings take maintenance, parks take maintenance, and eventually some of these things wear out and have to be replaced.
    Mr. Coffman brought up Rockhill Road, between Fyfer and Cliff Drive, saying they have recently received petitions regarding it. He acknowledged that he was on the Council when the street was vacated, and they had discussed possibly preserving a portion of it for a pedestrian walkway. He noted this area is used by a lot of people in the East Campus neighborhood to access Eastgate Shopping Center. Mr. Coffman reported this would provide a nice link between the Rockhill Park and the Stephens Lake area. Unfortunately, the street was vacated before negotiating the access with the property owners. He asked that the situation be looked into. Mr. Patterson explained that his staff completed a report on the technical feasibility of such, however, he had a few questions that needed to be resolved. He was confident he would be able to get the issue back on the agenda within the next few meetings.
    Ms. Crayton explained that she had been sent a petition from the residents at Paquin Tower regarding a speeding issue in that area. She read that there have been some recent near misses, and last week a person in a wheelchair had been struck by a car. Mr. Campbell added that students use that street as a cut through.
    Ms. Crayton made the motion that the staff be directed to look into the traffic situation in the area and report back on what might be done to correct the problem. The motion was seconded by Mayor Hindman and approved unanimously by voice vote.
    Mr. Janku said he had been contacted by someone concerned about the intersection of Blue Ridge and Rangeline and the potential for establishing a controlled left turn there. He assumed the staff would have to contact the Highway Department to look into the situation. He asked that the staff come back with a report.
    Mr. Janku commented the Council had discussed the issue of nuisances at the retreat and how to correct some of them. He said the Director of Health had made the comment that it would be very helpful to establish enabling legislation in respect to certain nuisances. Mr. Janku noted other communities have adopted similar ordinances recently.
    Mr. Janku made the motion that staff be directed to report back on the type of ordinance that could be enacted that would deal with this problem and further, that the report delineate which nuisances staff has the most problems enforcing. The motion was seconded by Ms. Crayton and approved unanimously by voice vote.
    Mr. Beck noted that if these programs are expanded substantially, there will be additional budget pressures. He said more and more staff time is being required for these issues.
    Mary Ann Holmstrom, 1201 Paquin, thanked Ms. Crayton for her interest in the speeding situation in the Paquin Street area. She reiterated the speeding situation saying that she was not actually hit on Paquin, but was crossing a sidewalk ramp at the top of Waugh Street that intersects with Paquin. Ms. Holmstrom noted that the posted speed limit in this area is 20 mph, and the person who hit her was traveling much faster than that. She suggested placing a stop sign midway on Paquin Street. Mayor Hindman pointed out that the staff had been directed to study the situation and would be reporting back on it.
    The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Penny St. Romaine
                                                                                    City Clerk