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Mayor's Task Force on Infrastructure


Study and evaluate the operation and maintenance of the existing stormwater system, sewer system, downtown electric system, and major street plan and transportation infrastructure, and review past, current, and future project priorities and funding mechanisms. Provide a report to the City Council with input regarding the development of an adaptable and affordable long-term plan for addressing the city's infrastructure needs and recommendations regarding whether an on-going stormwater and sewer advisory commission or other advisory commissions should be established. Appointments to this nine member task force are made by the Mayor and there are no term limits.

Members & Terms

  • Tracy Greever-Rice
  • John Conway
  • Gregg Coffin
  • Jen Hedrick
  • Cody Darr
  • Bill Weitkemper
  • Tony Grove
  • Katrina Boles
  • Kim Kraus

Establishing Legislation:

 R114-15A - Establishing a Mayor's Task Force on Infrastructure.
 R107-16 - Amending R114-15A which established the Mayor's Task Force on Infrastructure.