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Ward Reapportionment Committee


Review and revise the current ward boundaries to maintain as nearly as possible an equal number of inhabitants in each ward. The Committee is charged to make its final report and recommendation to the Council no later than September 15, 2011. Committee members shall serve until a final report is made to Council.

Members & Terms:

  • Bob Pugh - At Large Appointee
  • Wiley Miller - At Large Appointee
  • Colleen Coble - Ward 1 Appointee
  • Scott Atkins - Ward 2 Appointee
  • Eugene Gerke - Ward 3 Appointee
  • Rob Monsees - Ward 4 Appointee
  • Michelle Gadbois - Ward 5 Appointee
  • Terry Smith - Ward 6 Appointee

Establishing Legislation:

R66-11A - Establishing the Reapportionment Committee and R98-11A - Adding a member to the Reapportionment Committee.